Nokia Nseries get a Lifeblog boost

LifeBlog application is one of more interesting features of currently available Nokia smartphones running series 60 software. It automatically records and builds a diary as you take pictures, shoot videos and send text or multimedia messages on your cellphone. Then if you have Nokia LifeBlog installed on your PC, you can download everything there to free up phones memory and have a well organized personal diary archive.

Today Nokia LifeBlog got a boost with the release of version 2 software. Available exclusively on Nokia Nseries Multimedia Computers (a fancy name for Nseries phones:) ) Nokia Lifeblog 2.0 adds some pretty cool new features. As with previous versions of software, you will still be able to create a rich personal multimedia diary, with photos, video clips, messages and text notes organized in chronological manner. But now you can add audio notes as well as other valuable context information, such as calendar entries and location information to the mix, providing some more background to the pictures and videos stored on the phone.

According to Nokia “…with the new Nokia Lifeblog, your Nokia Nseries device can be set to immediately link your photos to information about your location, your calendar entries, and even what time it was. For example, if you used the calendar on your Nokia Nseries device to input an entry for CeBIT, photos taken during that time will be tagged with this information from your calendar, making them easier to find in the future.�

PC application is available now and can be downloaded from . The new mobile software, which is compatible with all Nokia Nseries devices, is expected to become available for free download from the end of April 2006.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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