Motorola launches Ming/A1200 smartphone

Apparently in love with cool for letter names, Motorola renamed it’s previously announced A1200 smartphone into MING and launched it in China this week.

MING is a clamshell phone running on Linux software, has an innovative clear flip-cover with an antenna-free profile, great design and a high-resolution two mega pixel camera that double as a business card scanner with optical-character recognition software.

This Linux cell phone comes with hands-free speakerphone, voice dialing, customized suite of productivity software including a document viewer, POP3 e-mail, a calendar, task list, contact manager that allows attachment of photos and contact-specific ring-tones, music player, FM-Stereo radio receiver and Bluetooth® wireless.

MotoMing runs on Intel’s XScale based PXA270 application processor.

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Motorola MING

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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