Samsung’s cell phones with perfume

Is there an end to the things we cram into mobile phones? We got phones as PDA’s, phones as fashions statements, phones as cameras and phones as mobile TV stations. What’s next?

Well, how about perfume cellphones? According to a patent application filed by Samsung, Korean electronics giant is working on “Cellular Phone Having Perfume Spraying Apparatus”:

A mobile phone including a perfume spraying apparatus, the perfume spraying apparatus including a perfume storage unit capable of storing at least one perfume type and a perfume spraying unit, wherein the perfume spraying unit includes a perfume chamber coupled to the perfume storage unit by a perfume flow path, a pressure unit to pressurize the perfume chamber, and a nozzle to spray perfume outside the mobile phone. The mobile phone may include a control unit to instruct the perfume spraying apparatus to spray perfume when a button of the mobile phone is pushed and/or when the mobile phone is called and may change a type or amount of perfume sprayed according to an increase or decrease in a user’s voice volume, according to a caller, according to a user customization and/or according to a noise change in a user’s surroundings.

Samsung Perfume phoneback

From what we can understand from the brief description Samsung is working on a cell phone that will include perfume storage unit for one or several types of perfume in exchangeable cartridges and a spraying device that minutely controls an amount of sprayed perfume to satisfy a user’s desires on the touch of a button or:

“… may spray perfume according to a change in a user’s voice during a call……when the user of the mobile phone raises or lowers his/her voice..”. Darling, don’t yell at me you will smell bad!

“… perfume spraying apparatus may also spray perfume according to a noise change in the user’s surroundings.” I can’t hear but I smell someone’s calling me!

“…may spray perfume according to a voice of a person who talks to the user of the mobile phone.” Darling, I love your smell!

“…may spray perfume in accordance with information customized by an owner of the mobile phone.” What’s that smell? Ahh…my boss is calling!

According to the filing:

“…the perfume spraying apparatus may include a plurality of perfume storage units, a plurality of perfume passages, a plurality of electrical contacts and a plurality of perfume spraying units. Each of the plurality of the perfume storage units may store a different type of perfume and each of the plurality of perfume spraying units may be connected to the plurality of the perfume storage units to spray a different type of perfume. Accordingly, it may be possible to combine and spray various types of perfume.”

Now, where’s my Chanel No. 5 handset?

Update: Apparently NTT Docomo and Sony Ericsson  think this is not such a bad idea. Check out NTT DoCoMo SO703i Aroma Phone by Sony Ericsson.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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