L’Amour Collection’s Nokia 7380 review by C-Net

C-Net had reviewed Nokia 7380  cell phone from L’Amour collection. It’s got a “very good” 7.6 editor’s rating and users rated this mobile phone at 7.5 also.


…Nokia 7380 is a stylish and fashionable phone, perfect as a second cell phone for a night on the town. It features an impressive 2-megapixel camera, along with a video recorder, a voice recorder, a music player, and a radio.


…It has no keypad… only…circular spinner to dial numbers and send text messages…small screen and meager 52MB of memory does not make full use of its impressive multimedia features

Their conclusion is similar to our’s – it’s all about looks:

Nokia 7380 would not make for a very useful primary phone, but it’s satisfactory as a fashion accessory or as a secondary mobile. Even though we appreciate the impressive multimedia upgrades over its predecessor, it’s a shame that the phone’s screen and memory size does not make full use of them.

To read full review visit C-Net.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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