LG KG800 Chocolate Cell Phone and Balloon Tour. The start of LG’s European offensive

Although LG rank’s as a No.4 cell phone maker worldwide, it’s success comes mainly from CDMA phones. In GSM markets it’s only half the size of Worlds No. 5 Sony Ericsson.

In Europe, which is the biggest GSM market in the world, LG trails behind Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens (now BenQ), Samsung and Motorola. This year LG wants to change that.

Source: Chosun.com

LG kick-started it’s European assault with a giant cellphone shaped balloon tour last week by inviting major European business partners from Britain, France, Germany, and Switzerland for a ride.

Then, following in Nokia’s and Motorola’s footsteps LG is going to introduce a new ‘fashion’ phone in May. This will be done by porting it’s Korean hit Chocolate LG KG800 cellphone for European tastes. Since it’s introduction last November LG already sold more then 300 000 units of this slider phone in Korea and expects to repeat the success in Europe.

LG expects to increase its shipments of all kinds of handsets in Europe by 30 percent this year. The main focus is on UMTS market, which is expected to double. In 2006 LG will launch 16 high-speed UMTS handsets in Europe and according to LG Europe CEO James Kim:

‘If we do the right thing, our market share will go up.’

You can buy this phone here:

In the United States
LG KG800 GSM Cell Phone (Chocolate)

In United Kingdom:

Very cheaply or for free you can get LG Chocolate from various networks with 18 month contract. Gift deals include such goodies as Sony PSP, XBox 360 and iPod Nano.

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