Samsung D900 slimmest slider

As we said it earlier Samsung is getting “thin” obsession. The titles of “world thinnest cellphone” for Samsung SGH T509 and the “worlds slimmest cellphone” for Samsung X820 that Korean vendor claims to have are not enough. Now Samsung claims to have developed the “World’s Slimmest Slider” – Samsung D900.

Samsung D900 slider phone just 13mm thick and weights 93 grams. It is one of the first cellphones in Europe to feature 3 megapixel camera. Other features include 2.1″ 262K QVGA display, mp3 and video player, digital power amplifier, Stereo Bluetooth, TV-out port. It has 80MB of internal memory that can be enhanced to 2GB through built-in Micro-SD card slot.According to Mobile-Review Samsug D900 is the same D870 slider that was introduced during CEBIT. Anyway, it is a great mobile phone with very impressive specs and form factor. Samsung now has the worlds thinnest candybar and slider phones and they both seem very good. Let’s see what it will be able to cram into “worlds slimmest clamshell”, “worlds slimmest swivel phone” or any other novel form factor.You can buy Samsung D900 phone:

In U.K.:
For free with 18 month contract from O2, Orange, Virgin and Vodafone

For £289 from Virgin mobile:
Samsung D900 mobile phone

In Germany – for 449.00 € EUR :
Samsung SGH-D900

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • carl

    fantastic i want one how do i get one

  • Steve

    I want one too!! Where canI get more info and when will it be on sale in uk?

  • sam

    wats the cheapest price around and when do they come out?

  • Olivia

    Where is the camera on the phone and when will i b able to get one

  • Morgan

    Any one know what the target price is?

  • bert

    i wonder what the battery life will be like on this phone. i really hope thats not an issue to this. whats the point of having all those features when the battery runs out on you when you need it. so PLEASE samsung hear me out and make sure you dont forget about battery life…great looking phone tho..

  • Becky

    Does it have the touch/flat buttons like the E900?

  • wendy

    is da d900 a slide phone nd has really got all u said it has plz sum1 send me a picture of it, but i lu all am hearin bout it.

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  • Anonymous


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