LG Chocolate II Black Label cellphone

LG is determined to repeat the success of Motorola’s RAZR with wildly popular LG KG800 Chocolate hit phone. Korean vendor even knows how to do it:

When you suddenly got a hit phone on your hands, keep it fresh and keep it cool. This is what Motorola has done when it’s RAZR sales exploded, churning new RAZR variation every few months. This is what LG is now trying to do.

Even as the old LG KG800 chocolates are hitting western markets, Korean cellphone vendor has announced next generation LG Chocolate II Black Label phone for Asia.

LG Chocolate II (LG-SV600 and LG-KV6000) will go on sale through SK Telecom and KTF networks today. It is loaded with all cool features necessary for today’s cellphone – built-in camera with flash, Real MP3 player, 512 MB of built-in memory, special music access keys, equilizer, QVGA LCD screen, multitasking capabilities and other. But that’s not important. The most important thing for 16.5mm LG Chocolate II slider- it has to look better then it’s predecessor. And with Black Label Gold and Platinum editions LG got that one right:




Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Jen

    Where can I buy this phone, unlocked, online?

  • Tayo

    This is da bomb!

  • Tayo

    This pnone is very compact and look beautiful.

  • http://www.unwiredview.com naro

    where can i buy this phone from?

  • jimmy

    wow!!! tats clean… where can i get tat black label made at???

  • chase

    yeah it looks great but did they fix all the problems that came with the first generation. LG ant no Apple

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  • shamshar

    where can i buy a lg chocolate 2 the gold version?

  • alexa..

    ce misto e… vai vai.. ce as vrea sal am si eu..

  • Anonymous

    I want to buy this phone but only on pay as you go on virgin mobile, so the problem is that every phone shop has it on a contract which I don’t want. Could you please do something about it and also all the lg platinum phones are out of stock which shows that the phone is a success because everyone wants one? The phone is great, no phone could win it.

  • Manuk

    where can i buy this from?

  • janak

    HAHAHAHA!!! I HAVE THIS FONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beergut

    looks good but… I’m tainted with all the problems I had (have) with my original lg chocolate. Hate the thing! Blow on it and it scratches- bye bye super high gloss, even if you put it in a cotton shirt pocket it’ll scratch and look like sh*t in about 2 weeks. Touch buttons suck! They do what ever they want to do anytime! The slide sucks! Get lint or fine debris in the slide and it scratches the camera lens and makes the slide feel like crap…

    Nice cell if you buy it a just put it on display on your desk as a paper weight!

    loved it at first- hated it after only a few weeks!

  • Gandalf

    I had this phone, I think its a great phone, but u must protect the screen with screen protector (the transparent thin plasctic sticker) otherwise it will scratch.

    Slide is great and smooth and…. its a head turner

  • http://unwiredview.com Petros Semerdzhyan

    i want to know when will it arrive in pasadena califronia stores

  • Petros Semerdzhyan

    when will it arrive at pasadena california stores

  • Anonymous

    i liv in sydney n i hav neva seen this phone in my life
    do u know where i could buy it and how much it could cost???

  • jje

    where can i get this chocolate ll black label (gold)????

  • where Can I get it?

    I look for it at the shopping mall and ask every counter they never heard of it? is is just on the internet and you order it?
    any one can help!
    or got one

  • http://sdgsdhgsrgfhjsdf noone

    this phone is flippen sweet. I want 1 so fricken bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy beep. I love this fone!!!!!!

  • tiffany

    what service will it be with? is it made real cheap?

  • Stacey

    normal lg chocolate lookss betterr i havee wunn thiss winn looks GAYY

    LG Skittless, Inventedd Bii Abbiieeoo, Katiee- Ann, Lindiiiiiyaaaa, andd Shanniieee

  • Lindiiiiiyaaaa

    lg skittles whoop whoop maytee!!!!!

  • Lindiiiiiyaaaa

    lg skittles whoop whoop maytee!!!!!