Samsung SGH D900 “world’s slimmest slider” phone approved by FCC

Looks like Samsung is readying big push with the new phones for the U.S. market. It has already got it’s latest and coolest phones – DMB-T TV Phone – Samsung P900, “worlds thinnest phone” – Samsung X820 and their new “music phone” – Samsung SPH M250 approved by FCC.

Now it’s turn for the “worlds slimmest slider” – Samsung SGH D900, which passed FCC review process yesterday.

Samsung SGH D900 side open Samsung SGH D900 front

Samsung SGH D900 comes with 3 megapixel camera, 2.1 inch QVGA screen, mp3 player, stereo bluetooth, digital power amp, has 80MB of built-in internal memory, MicroSD card slot able to take in up to 2GB of external memory.

An the best thing- it’s really thin – Samsung D900 is only 13mm thick weights just 93 grams.

You can buy Samsung D900 phone:

In U.K.:
For free with 18 month contract from O2, Orange, Virgin and Vodafone

For £289 from Virgin mobile:
Samsung D900 mobile phone

In Germany – for 449.00 € EUR :
Samsung SGH-D900

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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