$1 million worth of mobile phones stolen in Russia yesterday

Have you ever had your mobile phone stolen? I had. Theft of mobile phones is common all around the world.  In Australia more the 200K cellphones are lost or stolen each year while Britons loose about 700K phones a year according to their reported crime statistics.

And lets face it, mobile phones are easy to steal and then easy to sell. But todays cellphone theft in Russia reached a whole new level. Someone managed to steal a shipment of mobile phones worth about  $1 million.

According to Russian police a group of persons managed to drive off with a “Reno” truck carrying $1 million worth of mobile phones for one Moscow company. On Tuesday the truck was stopped by 2 persons wearing police uniform. The driver was cuffed and taken to the remote location while other perpetrators took  off with  the truck.

Condolences for the Russian company who lost a lot of phones yesterday. Let’s hope they had a lot of insurance.

Source (in Russian)

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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