Touchzel – Apple’s new way to control your handhelds

Touchpad? Who needs touchpad when we can have a touchzel. That is touch sensitive bezel around the electronic device that can perform various input and operation functions. At least that’s what Apple has thought up now as another improvement for it’s elusive Multifunctional handheld device.

Apple touchzel - touch sensitive bezel

Recent patent filing for “Electronic Device Having Display and Surrounding Touch Sensitive Bezel for User Interface and Control” shows that Apple has developed another interesting way to operate it’s portable gadgets. Instead of dedicated buttons, touchpads or scroll wheels that uses a lot of precious real estate of the handheld, Apple suggests that we use a narrow touch sensitive bezel around the perimeter of the device for data input and control.

Apple touchzel touch sensitive bezel control menu

When user touches the bezel touch data is generated and used to operate the handheld. Since the whole surface of the bezel is touch sensitive, a lot of different operations can be performed – it can recognize sliding motion for scrolling or moving images, differentiate between a number of fingers pressing the bezel for operation of multiple controls, measure the pressure force for different actions. The device can also include motion and orientation sensors to adjust the bezel controls for different modes of operation. Visual guides on the screen next to the bezel provide the information what actions can be performed when user presses particular area.

Here’s some interesting applications of touchzel for music:

Apple touchzel music touch sensitive bezel

An pictures:

Apple touchzel touch sensitive bezel photos

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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