3D Game Controller for Sony PS3

Sony may have stolen the Wii Remote idea from Nintendo. But now it have improved on it and seems that the 3D tracking technology has been adapted for traditional Sony PS3 game controller.  At least that’s what todays Sony patent filing for “Hand-held Controller Having Detectable Elements for Tracking Purposes” indicates.

3d Game Controller for Sony PS3

To detect various user motions Sony plans to use game controller with embedded LEDs on the front of the device and external camera to capture the movements of game controller. The the image analysis allows to track the users manipulations and determine controller position and orientation. Image capture and special software also enables the game console to perform physics analysis and determine the position, orientation, acceleration, velocity, etc., of the controller thus fully tracking and interpreting the users movements.

3D Game Controller for Sony PS3

And in Sony’s own words this 3D game controller will:

… provide for the detection, capture and tracking of the movements, motions and/or manipulations of the entire controller body itself by the user. The detected movements, motions and/or manipulations of the entire controller body by the user may be used as additional commands to control various aspects of the game or other simulation being played….

…The camera can be used to detect many different types of motions of the controller, such as for example up and down movements, twisting movements, side to side movements, jerking movements, wand-like motions, plunging motions, etc. Such motions may correspond to various commands such that the motions are transferred into actions in a game.

Detecting and tracking the user’s manipulations of a game controller body can be used to implement many different types of games, simulations, etc., that allow the user to, for example, engage in a sword or lightsaber fight, use a wand to trace the shape of items, engage in many different types of sporting events, engage in on-screen fights or other encounters, etc.

Well, it’s only a patent application for now, but with Nintendo’s Wii gaining in popularity and dire predictions for the overpriced Sony PS3, it’s only a matter of time that Sony will have to come with some new interesting features for it’s video game console. So we may see this 3D game controller in the near future.

Now let’s see if Microsoft can come up with something similar for it’s Xbox 360.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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