Asus Z801 Luxury Karaoke Phone

As we saw with the upcoming Asus Pegasus PDA phone, Asus is getting pretty serious about design. And, having pioneered the use of the leather items to decorate ultraportable laptops, Asus now brings this experience to the mobile phones with the release of luxurious Asus Z801 flip phone.

Targeted towards high end, fashion conscious consumer Asus Z801 sports some impressive looks and decorations like – strong stainless steel chassis frames, genuine leather insert on the front cover, secondary screen with sapphire crystal, recessed buttons on the side of the phone and checker-board styled keypad. Overall combination of these design features makes Asus Z801 one of the best looking clamshells around.

Asus Z801 Karaoke Phone

Asus Z801 is a pretty smart 2.5G phone too. It’s a quadband cellphone with with 2 megapixel camera, QVGA (240×320) screen, video recording function, ability to play MP3, AAc and MPEG4 files, buil-in 64MB of memory, microSD card slot and Bluetooth A2DP.

And it’s a karaoke phone to boot! Yep, Asus Z801 has a karaoke function built in, which:

not only allows you sing along, you can speak the words to a tune being played and the phone will record the words and convert them to text for subsequent use – creating a whole new karaoke track

And now some bad news. Asus Z801 currently is available in Taiwan only and it is not clear when or whether it will be marketed worldwide at all.

Pictures from: Phone Daily via MobileMentalism

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Mark Chubb

    This is a nice phone but the question is will it work properley or will it be a flash in the pan phone, you know a phone with a gimmick…

  • stace

    I guess you are talking about Karaoke function, since everything else about this phone is pretty straightforward.

    I guess voice recording or video/music/text combination that you need to sing karaoke might be OK. Voice recognition, on the other hand will probably suck. They are not able to put truly good natural voice recognition on a PC, how on earth would they do that on the phone.

    Still, even without Karaoke function Asus Z801 is a beauty and should sell pretty well. Especially if they’ll market it.

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