Nokia N99 Nseries phone picture surfaces

If the picture below are real, looks like Nokia took a page out of HTC book and created a phone with sliding-out QWERTY keyboard – Nokia N99:

Nokia Nseries N99 phone cellphone multimedia computer

Nothing official of course, it was submitted by e-mail to Mobile Diva Darla Mack, probably by an eager fan from Nokia labs :)

Nokia Nseries N99 multimedia computer supposedly will have:

9 way front joystick button, 16GB FLASH internal memory, up to 4GB mini SD slot, 16:9 3.2″ wide screen, GPS, MP3, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, WLAN WIFI, qwerty pad, 8MP camera, 3CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture.

Now, if these specs would be true, I think Nokia N99 would be the first NSeries cellphone to truly justify the name of “multimedia computer”. But judging from the number (N99), it will be some time until this beauty comes out. We should see Nseries N97 yet.

Via: Mobile Review

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Ed French

    The 3CCD bit is the giveaway- can’t see why/how that would fit into this kind of device. Also the speaker vent is too close to the top of the case to work. Much as I might want to believe this is real- I don’t!

  • StephTheGeek

    Much as I wish it were true, I’m with Ed… the 3CCD thing seems a little over the top and I find it hard to believe this is real. But if it is, count me in ;)

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  • Jonathan

    The Nokia N99 looks really nice. I like the keyboard eventhough I think that the keyboard itself should be replaced by a new developed input technology. Come on, the keyboard is an ancient way to type letters, right?!

    cheers, Jonathan

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  • ske

    what a great…


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  • Henry Pratama

    I’m wondering how smart N99 is. Hmm, It’s likely made to be a smarter and professional machine rather than a cool and sporty gadget. It’s true that I’m in love with Apple iPhone this time, anyway N99 is a great artworks (if the specs is as mentioned). To me, one thing becomes a serious lack in this complex digital time is that Nokia had decided to create a future machine — N99 with a real keyboard, not a virtual keyboard or multi-touch (enhanced touchscreen tech) as what Apple did in its iPhone ???????. Perhaps, today, the most important thing is that Nokia should enhance the quality of its Symbian OS right away or Mac OS (iPhone ‘s OS) will score a definite victory over it… ;(

  • Lipek

    Telefon jest rzeźnicki. Niczego sobie. Ale osobiÅ›cie wole komunikatory. Czekam na premiere e90 – to jest dopiro telefon, żaden inny mu nie dorówna. Pewnie niewiele z was zrozumiaÅ‚o co tu napisaÅ‚em, ale cóż, takie jest życie. E90 rzÄ…dzi! Pozdrawiam

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  • Petro

    It will be the best phone

  • touch melody


    for me I thing it is a predesign .. “NOT REAL yet” …

    in general it will be agreat MOBILE comuter :)


  • Gymo

    Yeah deff a fake….nokia running microsoft word!!!!!!…BS……copy paste….and the main button/pad is fugly….nokia would never do that…..also it looks too much like one of them iPhone fakes…..i dont doubt that nokia will make a 16:9 screen equipped phone….with the iPhone coming out….they’re probably on the verge of releasing a supper multimedia computer…the successor to the N95, cant wait though but for now….the iPhone will have to compete with the n95…..the n97 looks more legitemate! And the VGA vid calll phone on the side like that…dont think so…lol….stereo speakers….welll yeah….but I think sence itd be a 16:9 they would be placed on either side of the phone…horizontally!, in a landscape mode…..and my advice…..mount the phone with 2 of the v3x’s speaker…..its extremely loud and clear, unless yoy have the bass boost on!….and…..the camera quality will probably be unmatched!

  • DAx

    I want to say yhat the nokia NSERIES r such asbest mobiles

  • http://none ulloo

    WELL, I Need a more features….

    1. Camera :- 10 mega-pixel, 10x optical zoom….

    2. Display :- 3.2â€? TFT widescreen LCD display with touch panel, Support 16 million colours….

    3. Memory :- 20 GB hard drive internal….

    4. Battery :- 12 hours talk time, 30 days standbye time….

    4G and many more…..


  • Vicky Barker

    the phone doesnt look good, whats with the buttons on the n95 looks like a flower!!!!
    crap design they need to take it bad and redesign again

  • olasunkanmi sadiq

    With due respect all this Nseries phone are they the real Nokia
    phone or they are the chines product, because they are written
    Nokia on it like it a Nokia product this is my own comment, bye sir Sadiq

  • Jones Likoro

    Nokia n99!
    nokia n99 is a work of art. it truely satsfies my feelings towards phones especially these features, uh man what more can someone ask about phones?
    9 way front joystick button, 16GB FLASH internal memory, up to 4GB mini SD slot, 16:9 3.2″ wide screen, GPS, MP3, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, WLAN WIFI, qwerty pad, 8MP camera, 3CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture.

  • norlanium

    i perceived the phone to be a fake one. i believe nokia will not totally embed the full functionalities of microsoft word and other office apps. besides, it’s going to consume soooooooooo much of its resources — the memory. it is not ergonomically designed because the flower-shaped navigator button is not a trademark of nokia, a way of putting the phone in bad light! the designer of this crap made use of different phones whose parts are built together to come up with the “N99″ phone.

  • micheal

    i dont really beleive this phone exist,and come to think of it nokia dont design their phones like this.

  • guta

    baa in ce pula mea de lima vorbitzi vere ca eu nu inteleg nimik luavas familia in pl de retardati :))

  • Augustine Olumoye

    I bought Nokia N99 recently but the manual is not written in English. Could you please send the English version of the manual to me?
    I check Nokia website to no avail.

  • pere

    i think it s not reAL. fake ……………………………………………………………………..

  • rully

    Ow it’s great n awesome i want it!!!!!!11

  • donuts

    this is rubbish. its not real, thats microsoft word on the screen, nokia wont be using a full version of windows on any of their Nseries. this is just some nokia fanboy getting excited over a fabricated phone!

  • gu kha

    all the phones are useless…i,ve used them all and they are not worth a penny

  • arkum

    mmhhmm, i think its an excellent way that Nokia made N99.. the feature is awesome.. if it real, i have to buy it.. just keep up the good work Nokia..

  • Miller

    didnt like it, looks stupid..

  • bishwaraj limbu

    wow what a great cell phone. no any comments at all. it is a god gifted gadget in this digital generation. Can i know its price?

  • Nirmal magar

    wow! its a great gadget i had ever seen in my life. i think it will rock the world. it is super n unique in its generation.
    it should accept playstation games also. it should improve its sound quality.
    it should be slim enough than it is with more large screen.
    ya i agree with the above comment of bishwaraj ani do you remember me. where are you, German ma hoina?

  • joko

    it’s an unique phone brow!!
    but, i’m not find WCDMA tech on that. why??
    ngapolah pacak cak itu??? padahal, hape keren.

  • pato abou chaaya

    this phone cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll

  • dzo d boss

    How much?

  • rashu

    not good in look ……

  • jackel

    hope d 9 way joystick design is not permanent coz it looks UGLY!

  • Russia

    how much this phone cost

  • emmanuel saingan

    want some

  • echo


  • Ravi

    Ths is good for document like word and other file

  • asdasd


  • N99


  • Ephraim

    This phone is nice

  • secreto para bibo

    i do like n96 more… hahaha

  • oluseyi ojobe

    very good

  • febe

    when it's launching??
    how much??

  • haarizz

    yu ppl believe that its gonna release..? it wil be a mega flop for the nokia management..