Skylink Ubiquam U300 Silver Mustang Phone with 29 Gems

Russians always took their gems seriously. And now they took them to the mobile phones. One of the bigger Russian CDMA operators, SkyLink has teamed with Russian jewelry company “Almaz Holding” to create a unique cellphone.

They started with Ubiquam U300 CDMA EV-DO handset as a basis, put the silver (7.2 gr) mustang drawing on it and added twenty nine 0.01 carat gemstones. This is what they’ve got:

Skylink Ubiquam U300 CDMA EVDO gemstone jewelry phone

Skylink only has 1 Silver Mustang cellphone for now and it’s not for sale. This gem will be shown off in various trade fairs, mainly in Russia. However the company representative said that they may consider producing a new line of these exclusive cellphones in the future.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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