GPS USB Key – Cool Spying Gadget

Ever wanted to know where your spouse is driving all day? Or where your kid is spending the afternoons before getting home?

Now you can, with the help of GPS Positioner USB key, courtesy of French spy gadget e-tailer Camera Espion. This extremely simple and effective spying gadget has a GPS chip built in a case that looks just like an ordinary USB key. With some memory and power source, so it can record the position from GPS satellites continuously or at a preset intervals.

USB GPS Positioner Spying key

Then you place this USB key anywhere in the car you want to follow or in a bag of the person you are watching and you are set. After retrieving the key, you download recorded info to your PC and look up on Google Maps or MapQuest where it has traveled that day.

The GPS USB key itself has the dimensions of 10 cm x 3cm x 2cm, weights less then 50g, can last 16 hours in standard mode and up to 6 days in economic mode of operation with 2 small 1.5V or one AAA battery. It is good for 4000 coordinate records.

As I see it, the only problem with the device is it’s price, which today stands at 391 Euro

Found via Clubic

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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