Samsung SPH B6700 Card Phone II Announced

Remember Samsung SCH V870 Card Phone from last year? Now it has a successor – Samsung SPH B6700 Card Phone II.

As can be expected, while keeping slim appearances and dimensions (8.7 (L) x 5.9 (W) x 8,9 (T) mm) Samsung Card Phone II has an upgraded specs – 2 megapixel camera with camcorder, mp3 player, DMB-T tuner, 33K word Korean/English dictionary, external memory card slot, calendar, electronic dictionary, file viewing and printing capabilities.

Samsung CArd Phone II SPH B6700

Samsung also has a smart trick to prolong a battery life for Card Phone II (SPH B6700). There’s not enough space inside the phone to have a truly long lasting battery there. But Samsung B6700 comes with a leather case, to carry the phone around. And this leather case has twice the battery capacity inside.

The phone will be launched via KTF network and will cost around 500K Won, that’s 530 US$ in Korea.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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