Sharp VGA Touchscreen/Fingerprint reader

Sharp was the first mobile handset manufacturer to put a VGA screen on a mobile phone with it’s Vodafone Sharp 904SH clamshell. Now it want’s to do something better by making this VGA screen into a touchscreen combined with fingerprint reader.

Developed in Sharp’s European labs the new VGA touchscreen features 640×480 300 ppi resolution, 30fps frame rate and has built-in image sensor that can read your fingerprints.

Sharp VGA Touchscreen fingerprint reader

The screen will be used in cellphones and will add touchscreen and biometric sensor functions to them.

As demonstrated in Samsung SCH – V960 Joystick phone, the fingerprint reading ability also gives Sharp the possibility to implement touchscreen scrolling function similar to that on Apple iPhone, in a way that is not covered by multiple Apple patents.

Via: Mobinaute

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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