Samsung 707SC II coming to U.S. soon

Sexy Samsung 707SC may not be dressed in Swarovski crystals when it arrives in U.S., but arrive it will. Samsung SGH-707SCII clamshell just passed the FCC tests.


Samsung 707SC is a good looking 3G phone that comes in 4 colors (White, Black, Blue and Pink), is only 11.9 mm thin, carries 2 megapixel camera, video calling function, MP3 player and 130MB of internal memory.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Anonymous

    Lies, I have this phone and there’s definitely NO mp3 player.

  • stace

    Well, I haven’t had this phone in my hands so I can not guarrantee one way or another.

    But it sounds stupid for 3G phone not to have music player.

    The specs I was referring to comes from this phone sold at Softbank:
    And they clearly state that they have a music player.

    And are you sure you are talking about the right model? This phone if it is not sold yet outside Japan.

  • JET

    I’m pretty sure they’ll have those features fixed and adapted to non-JP areas. Maybe the 707SC II will have these fixes. What I don’t like about the 707SC was that it didn’t have a keychain hole and that was weird… the 707SC II does–so worry not. Let’s hope that the sc II will be more promising. Yes the unlocked version of the 707SC was pretty bad with a lot of cons but remember, it was japan only. so let’s hope that everything will be okay this time around.

  • Harry

    Love this phone. And it does have music player, I don’t think it is MP3 though. During the transfer process, the MP3 is converted into some strange file extention to save memory. That is due to the fact that this phone doesn’t have a expandable memory option.

  • gPaw007

    I have purchased this phone. So far I like it. Only problem has been receiving pictures messages. trying to use it on Cingular/AT&T US

  • Anonymous

    >>Samsung SGH-707SCII clamshell just passed the FCC tests.
    But instead we got the 706SC upgraded w/ HSDPA as the A717.

    >>Only problem has been receiving pictures messages. trying to use it on Cingular/AT&T
    If I recall correctly, MMS and internet settings are locked to SoftBank.

  • Lily

    no matter what! even it doesn’t havea mp3 player~
    i still love it~~~


    l love this phone!!!!
    it looks awesome..
    do u guys know where can i buy it?
    and how much is it?
    thanks you !!

  • crusader-tetsu

    i bought this phone but i can’t seem to use it. how do i know weather it is locked or unlocked?

    does anybody in australia who has this phone and are using it atm?

  • jennifer

    i have this phone and its cool,its black one.yes,it cant play mp3 only aac or problem now is my phone broke the LCD,no one fix it here,they said still not here in PHILIPPINES,so how and what should i do to fix it?please reply me about this..its really a problem for me..

  • Julie

    Does someone know if it is coming to the Netherlands to?
    And if so, when?


  • RAbi

    should be lock for Nepal
    When is coming 2 NEpal

  • Megan

    for real
    if so where can i buy it
    i been waiting for this moment a long time
    i really like this phone
    but they said u can't really use in the US
    and it only available japan and korea

  • Megan

    the style is awesome and look high fashion
    i wish they make phone like this in the US
    the brand is softbank , i think phone from this brand is really cool

  • kitmarlo de oro

    is it posible to access the internet with this phone 707SCII by samsung?

  • kitmarlo de oro

    can we access the internet with 707SCII samsung fone in the PHILIPPINES via smart or globe?

  • nicole

    anyone know when this phone is arriving to
    US? i want it so badly.

    my friend has the white one
    the old version though.
    hers is in japanese.
    its super pretty. 🙂

  • jerry

    Is there any seller got a new one for this?
    I could only find refurbished one from here

  • jerry
  • Darcy

    When doest this phone arrive exactly? and whats the price? are there any interesting features on it? and it wount be covered is swavorski crystals?? can you still buy a case for it thats as nice? What does the inside look like?

  • jo

    is this phone can use wifi connections>?

  • jo

    is this phone can use wifi connections>?