PSP Phone from Sony Ericsson

Nowadays everything seems to be converging into a mobile phone. It already can be a perfectly good digital camera (e.g. SE K850i Cybershot), a mobile TV station a music player or GPS receiver. One of the things missing here was a mobile gaming platform. But it’s coming too.

And who’s better positioned to create a perfect mobile gaming platform then Sony? It already has one – Sony PSP. It also makes some great mobile phones via joint venture with Swedish Ericsson.

Their recent patent filing shows how Sony Ericsson will go about integrating these two gadgets:


The main question Sony Ericsson asked when designing PSP phone was – what is the main problem with using your phone for mobile games?

And the answer was – gaming controls.The numeric keypad is just not good enough to control the action in games. But who says all the keys on the numeric keypad have to be identical?

Sony has already designed very good game controls on PSP. So now they just made a few keys on numeric keypad into a game controls and the problem was solved.

The other problem was that most of the good games are played holding PSP console with both hands and using two thumbs to control game characters. And the phone is operated usually with a single hand and thumb.

Rotating screen came to the rescue here. When the device is in a phone mode, all you have is a simple mobile phone with numeric keypad , menu and function keys. Turn the screen around 180 degrees, your menu/functional keys are transformed into game controls and you have a perfectly good portable gaming device.

Oh and why not use the screen turned 90 degrees to make this device into a mobile TV station as well?

The beauty of it all is that Sony will not have to worry about the games for the PSP phone. Just make it compatible with the standard PSP games and Nokia will have a really tough time catching up with it’s next gen N-Gage platform.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • mdog93

    I think that the pspphone is a great idea and that i would buy . i also have an idea
    if you could let me come into your headquarters i would share it with you guys.
    it has something to do with the ps3. its a good thing athough i wouldn t
    wont to give this idea to Bill Gates

  • Anonymous

    i guess you wanted to say mobile gaming platform THAN Sony

  • Blizzard589

    Thanks for the info. I used your article to create a post on my Blog. Thank you so much!!!


    Well, if they make this thing affordable, Iphone is dead.

  • psplearner

    that is the best idea ever made for now at least you go sony

  • Yagami
  • mix

    not really the best idea…. Nokia tried doing it with n-gage and look where that got them…. gonna be a gamble i’ll give them that

  • madjick

    At first glance, it looks clunky. We need something sleek and geeky sexy. great idea tho, but i can predict functionality gaming/phone will take over aesthetic aspects….looks similar to the w900i

  • http://google chris king

    looks to complacated for an old person to use such as my dad he wont be able to use it thers to many butons and gadlets for him and the fone might freeze alot becuse there are to many things on it may be for a teen ager but not old people like my dad

  • psp movie magic

    This is pretty cool actually – a younger person’s device definitely! Good blog.

  • ben g

    Phone, MP3, Camera, Real Internet, PS3 gaming, its time for the future, one device in pocket.. come on already its 2007.

  • Allen

    i love your idea!!! the only thing i think you should consider is putting a camera and a video recoreder in it.that would be sooooooo cool!!!

  • Get And Free

    Once again Sony Ericsson great phone.

  • Nabil ould sahari

    Go west go est sony(ericssom)is the best.
    Plz nokia samsung and motorola go out

  • forrest richards

    well i think instead of making it up right you could use the iphone idea and make it usable on both the side and top and mabey evan add th a touch screen

  • tosin

    i love psp i phone

  • tosin

    you can make it to have a inter net by not paying

  • techno

    its a great idea sony erricsson, make sure you make the internet connection non wi-fi so you can connect anywhere not just at your house or business. Also make it mp3 and mp4 accessible with a media program that you can search by genre of music and artist etc. unlike the original psp. Put a camera supporting video and pix. Low price will get you more money look at the iphone 500$ BOOOOO!. PSP PHONE RULES!!!!

  • Waynefromcanadaeh?

    I think that this idea would be pretty solid. If u look @ the 8gb phone avail from S&E. and considering that SE phones have speciallized in MP3 wizardry then the multimedia side of things would be pretty much covered. Sticking with Sony success on the PSP and the abilities it possesses would be a good plan, WIFI connectivity AND mobile browser therefore u could still connect via wireless AND connect via mobile web when there is no hotspot available. Hopefully both the WIFI browser and the Mobile browser should be integrated much like the way it appears on the PSP. And hopefully you will all stick with teh memstick DP and have it expandable up to 8gb with the SE 8GB phone built in for a total of 16GB availability. I dont see a slot for the UMDs so im assuming that this will require S/W downloads (which sucks) hopefully the UMD will be integrated so the movie functions still work as well as able to play games you have purchased for your PSP. I feel that if SE follows suit with the reputation in phone making, and sony keeps to the R&D they have done with the PSP this should be a solid phone and paying upwards of $500 will be acceptable. I bought a PSP for the reason of a 3in1 media player over buying an ipod… if it had a built in phone the deal would be that much sweeter…

  • donauld

    O! they should make it a dual slider like the helio ocean. Completely closed, it would look and play like the psp it is. Then u could slide it up for the key pad and sideways for the letter pad! THen it would be better for everthing then anything!

  • nathan

    its looks fcking stupid

  • neville

    why dont they make it touch screen when in phone mode and just have the game controls on the device…. when in phone mode the touchscreen can be in the vertical one wont have to swivel the screen around when taking calls. Also make it more slimmer and sexier!

  • Danny

    Great Idea. when’s it coming out?

  • sniper

    neville i was thinking the same thing dude and they could save a lot more space by putting games on memory cards (thats how i play copy games on my psp)

  • eduardo

    it should be psp like, but smaller with touchsreen for keypad, and a cybershot camera, stereo speakers and it would be perfect

  • Princeton

    if sony make a psp phone it will kill the iphone yea the iphone and that LG phone to me are the hottest phones own the market but if sony come out with that psp phone the iphone will be # 2 sorry apple and dont get me started on the ps3. i give sony a 10 as being the best.

  • jamesb

    It’s a no brainer for sony, the are already positioning themselves for the next generation of KILLER mobile devices. Forget i-pod/phone whatever. Sony are getting ready to storm it. Forget your 8-gig nano. Who cares, when my PS3 at home has 2 tera-bytes, and in 5-7years time wireless networks are everywhere and provide us the bandwidth to use our PSP-phone thing-all-in-one that does it all … then wherever you are, just stream whatever you feel like (movie, music, game, chat, web … ) onto your portable device – from your PS3 ….. or maybe 4 by then :)
    Darn, SONY is smart.

  • jamesb

    forget to add, they are already prototyping the technology, just look at how you can connect to and operate ur PS3 with ur PSP, providing you have fast enough connection ….

  • trevor gurkin

    i forgot that the when you slide the screen down a joystick comes up oh my god…………………………………………………….

  • Jonny GDBG

    I see a problem. when you turn the phone into psp mode, the area where you listen people when they call you is completly covered.
    that could be boring, if you are playing and every time you receive a call you have to rotate it:-(
    by the way nice model.
    hope it has Operating system and touchscreen XD

  • Derek : P

    wow….I would honestly sell my car and get a more affordable one just so i could have this phone…this is like so awesome….if you make this, then the iphone will be loved less than a fresh puddle of dog diarreah…

  • da game

    dat iz some bull shit

  • Aaron L

    man ST8 ^ where can i get one of these that is exlusive i whon’t on bad good jop sony

  • Michael

    the psp already has skype, games, music, and video and they have released a digital tv tuner in japan and the plan looks like a crappy remake of the psp

  • freak

    this design is terribly bad … why i have turn the screen 180 degrees to use as a phone … its not helpful … all playstation console’s are designed for a comfortable use but not this one … i dont know who get this information but this is not kind of sony company’s product… its a brilliant idea to use PSP as a Phone but the phone key pads probably wont be usefull … phone keypad must be hide under the screen or you could choose the numeric char’s from screen by PSP’s keys.. by the way, what about the text message how you gonna write with this one???… even if they made … i wont be the one who buy this designed version

  • wynster

    this is why i love sony and sony ericsson,having music movies,gaming,wi-fi, and..and….and.
    Oh what more can you ask for

    wynster(NIGERIA IN HERE)

  • sonyfan

    i think that this is a great idea. i hope that it is affordiible b/c if it is then there will be serious comp for the iphone

  • SonyHater

    Nokia made it 7 year ago and has better design, too bad Nokia has never been remarkable in marketing, perhaps because the are not Mafia like Sony, this SH!7 could have been made long time ago by sony but the want you to buy a PSP then a Mp3 walkman, then a sony ericsson phone not only one device!. I used to love sony but too many deceptions (minidisc,umd,betamax,$12000 plasma monitors that last 1 year,ps2 optical drives, Ps3, Lik Sang, DRM rootkit) made me think and i swore i would never buy anithing sony again.

  • Yusuke

    Wow! Amazing, I can’t wait to get my little hands on it.

  • kell

    how much it cost and wat company it going to be with

  • sexyt

    datz like the dumbest shit i've eva seen!

  • bennet

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  • bennet


  • anaon


  • Turan Mete

    I think this device i wonderfull but i dont believe that Sony can make this device properly :D

  • 1* Charlton Fan

    im getting 1 as soon as it comes out!!

  • 123psp

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  • s-statics

    suck the psp’s dick

  • Don corleone

    I ll be the frst to buy….but i cant wait to have it in ma hand

  • luke