LG washing machine with radio

What is it with LG, washing machines and their wish to make us listen to the music while doing our laundry?

Just last week we saw LG patent a washing machine with embedded mp3 player. Well, this week it’s turn to embed radio receiver into your laundromat:


I guess getting your latest news, music and not missing Howard Stern radio show, while doing your laundry is the key here.

So, what’s next? I think an Internet connected LCD touchscreen on a washing machine would be an even cooler thing to have. This way I’ll be able to watch TV and browse the net instead of looking at my dirty laundry spinning in that round window.

But LG must have patented this thing already and we should see a patent applications towards that end emerging in the next few weeks 🙂

LG Patent

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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