HTC Omni pics and specs

The rumors about the upcoming HTC Omni communicator have been flying around the Web for a few months now. And from some leaked details and specs, HTC Omni sounded like a very interesting mobile gadget.

Well, it looks that they were true. Today we’ve got our hands on what appears to be genuine HTC 2007 roadmap presentation with some rendered pictures and more detailed specs for HTC Omni. And we are impressed.


HTC Omni does not have it’s designated number yet and is planned to be launched this October.

HTC Omni specs that we know about today are:

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
  • UMTS/HSDPA connectivity
  • WVGA 4″ 800×480 px display, subdisplay
  • TV and VGA out
  • 256 ROM, 1280 RAM and microSD memory card slot
  • Wi-Fi b/g, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Dimensions: 130 x 81 x16 mm

As you can see HTC Omni has got the looks and the specs to be a really cool mobile productivity gadget and could be a serious competitor Nokia E90 Comunicator.

Update: Looks like the release HTC Omni have been pushed back to next year.   For now we’ll have to make do with HTC Touch Dual P5500 Nike, HTC S730 dual slider, HTC P6500 Sedna and HTC Shift, which are now part of official HTC Q4 line-up.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • ser91e

    It look’s like an iPhone without Multitouch and with full keyboard. If it woldun’t work under Windows it would be perfect device ;).

  • Michael

    Forget that, unlike the iphone this thing actually looks amazing, and its because it HAS windows on ill be buying one, when will you people learn that the iPhone is just a fad.

  • SBT

    Thank God it has Windows Mobile… the only Mobile OS that does it all. Apple would be wise to put Window Mobile underneath their extremely slick interface. That way we could have 3rd party apps, GPS, Corporate Email with ActiveSync, 3G, and all those wonderful things that we’ve got accostumed to that only WiMo has and no other OS has at this point.

  • Nimajus

    “If it woldun’t [sic] work under Windows it would be perfect device ;)”

    I don’t know about you, but I can do just about anything on my Windows Mobile Device… you know simple things like change my ringtone… and like play NES, Genesis, GBA and other games… Oh and I love my Pocket Artists App. It’s not perfect cause it does not have cover flow, but why don’t we keep our version of “perfect” to out selves. Alright ser97e…. k THANKS

  • p3ngwin

    this looks good so far, i was thinking of going with O2’s XDA FLAME because it had almost everything i want as an upgrade to my HTC UNIVERSAL.
    with the flame i was most happy gaining GPS and nvidia chip, most sad about losing keyboard.

    now looking at this i am most happy about the 800*480 screen, also GPS, but really need to know what CPU and if it has a multimedia chip.
    if it has nvidia or qualcomm msm7200 (or better) then all good. but if its simply a marvel 520/620mhz doing all then work then forget it.

  • p3ngwin

    crap, no GPS in flame, imeant USB otg.

  • techSage


  • stace

    The source is the HTC 2007 Roadmap presentation file, similar to HTC roadmap *.pdf recently published by cti-miami blog, but with better pictures and slightly different info.

    Received from tipster by e-mail

  • Riggs

    “It look’s like an iPhone without Multitouch and with full keyboard. ”

    and you look like an idiot.

  • Jay

    what’s funny is what ser91e hates about this thing is what’s so great about it. multitouch is just a useless gimmick. qwerty keyboard > crap touch keyboard. windows mobile is great.

  • rizlaq

    riggs :)))
    nice1 😉

  • Moi

    Jay wouldn’t be calling it a gimmick if this or any other WM device had multi-touch.


  • Ben

    Hmm.. keyboard layout does not look good… makes me question authenticity (they numbers are on the top row, htc stopped doing this after the wizard and has since done a layout that mimics a typical phone keypad…)

  • pytchfork

    If you’re dissin multi-touch, you obviously haven’t used multi-touch. It’s like saying a woman’s brea$ts feel like bags of sand… You haven’t touched ’em. I’m a WiMo lover, but have an iPhone too… Gotta say the multi-touch + Safari blows the doors off of the WiMo experience. Don’t worry though, I’m still using WiMo for the FTP and PuTTY apps.

    A WiMo with multi-touch and a good browser (IE sucks compared to the new Safari; until you’ve tried it, don’t flame).

    Can’t wait to get my hands one of these!

  • p3ngwin

    ok found out in unwired update that the CPU and multimedia chip are:
    Samsung SC244X 400 MHz
    Qualcomm MSM 7200

    that’s good enough for me.

    now release it!

  • Bang

    It looks nice, and It’s packed with windows mobile, that’s what makes it cool. I never think to buy any handhelds, pack with software other than Windows. You just can install everything on windows, it’s universal. I don’t think it will be Nokia Nokia E90 Comunicator. Nokia’s Communicator, is no match to HTC’s products.

  • jerseyman

    I am confused. What is the product positioning between this device and the Advantage / 7501?

  • Michael

    I think this looks pretty sweet it will be interesting to see some real photos of it.

  • Matt

    Anything under $1000 USD and I’m buyin’….

    I’ve got a vx6600…it’s big…but I love the big screen. I’ve been waiting for a device with these specs before I upgrade:
    VGA-Big screen
    > 2mp camera

    Looks like I better start puttin’ some side cash away

  • SonicHedgehog

    It will probably have the new Monahan processor, the Marvell PXA3xx processor. Full VGA h.264 video playback and more… hopefully!

  • BrianC

    How do I answer the phone call using this device? Do I have to open the cover to do that? And what about making phone call?

  • Morten Andersen

    The HTC OMNI is very very good news. While Nokia now has made the Communicator and its keyboard too small (E90), HTC presents soon an OMNI that I have been dreaming of for years, with a superb form factor, large enough keyboard and screen. Hope the phone facilities are good, and that is has a numerical keyboard and small (OLED?) screen on the outside! Can’t wait for the release. More info is wanted!

  • Morten Andersen

    More: On the basis of the few pictures so far, the OMNI looks really beautiful and stylish, with clear and fine lines. This device will defintively be a great winner, provided that the phone features are good.

  • 96RT10

    Anyone who has used an HTC Universal knows how great it is. The omni can only be better. wow. It will definitely cost more than $1000, especially for those of us in the USA. No carrier will pick it up so we’ll have to pay through the nose for an unlocked one from overseas. sad.

  • j0esm00

    Hey I am really new to the whole cell phone communicator technology, but being a IT geek I think this device rocks, however does anyone know if it is compatiable with verizons network?

  • tim2010

    Nice I wonder if it will have large flash drive of say 8 gb or larger and a main OLED display. both of which should increase battery life and mike for nice display. Also would be nice if had a FM radio and web cam for video calls.

  • RainMaker

    Lately I’ve been looking for a cell phone PDA and I think I’ve just found what I have been looking for. Hope it will have a large memory capacity, a fast CPU, Graphics chip, an option of all black color and great phone capabilities like answering without having to open it. Windows mobile is great and universal. With GPS, why not throw in a digital compass as well and an FM radio? Overall HTC has come up with the best PDA phone ever! Can’t wait for its release!

  • Iveta Skuherska

    I would like to buy a new HTC Omni communicator but I haven´t found any shop which offers it. Can you give me any advice? Many thanks.

    Iveta Skuherská

  • JT

    “It’s” is not a possessive, it’s a contraction of “it is”. The possessive form is “its”, the only exception to the rule of apostrophes in possessives, and as such should be easy enough to remember.

  • Cat-in-USA

    We want this puppy!!!
    HTC, do you hear? I want it now!

  • dark

    omg… “If it woldun’t work under Windows it would be perfect device ;).” *god, let us have rain of brain*

    well, android is based on LINUX!!! So it is perfect…

  • Caligo Spiri†us

    Hi, I’ve read somewhere, that this neat device is meant to be Android Based HTC Dream. If it’s true… it will absolutely rock!

  • James

    yeah.. i can do anything on my windows mobile device too .. like reboot it every 2 hours, miss calls, miss more calls while rebooting to call missed calls back because it was half crashed, watch the main memory fill up with junk time and time again, reinstall windows every month, have incompatibility with my external bluetooth gps that works fine in symbian.. ahhh, i can’t wait for android to come out.

  • Kaneda

    “.. like reboot it every 2 hours, miss calls, miss more calls while rebooting to call missed calls back because it was half crashed, watch the main memory fill up with junk time and time again, reinstall windows every month, have incompatibility with my external bluetooth gps ”
    Funny, I have the opinion that Wimo works fine, but its usually the >user< that creates the problems, not aligning screen, to fast making selections, or simply impatient, and not training the batery at start. 😀
    I got the previous version of this phone ( known as Qtec9000) and I love it. My contract is over now, so can upgrade and hope to see this one soon, as the Qtec tends to get a bit slow compared to newer phones.
    And curious wether there is an outside screen as well or can the screen part turn like the Qtec9000?

  • colst03

    so where is this phone ?

  • abc0815

    I guess never :/
    The design is nice anyway. But i am not a big fan of Windows CE anymore.

  • Business Mobility

    Another great mobility product from HTC.

  • Business Mobility

    Another great mobility product from HTC.