New Sony Ericsson P3i pictures

The rumors about Sony Ericsson P3i smartphone has been flying around the net for a while now.

Don’t hold your breath for SE P3i next generation smartphone being announced anytime soon. Afterall, the newest SE P1i smartphone has been launched only recently, so why cannibalize it’s sales with the new model. But I’m sure that Sony Ericsson is has started to work on their next gen smartphone.

The first pics of SE P3i have been leaking to the Web for a few a few months. The ones below are probably of the best quality so far:


I have no idea whether these pictures come from the drawing boards of Sony Ericsson or are the demonstration of design and Photoshop skills by a creative SE fan, but overall concept of Sony Ericsson P3i looks good.

Sony Ericsson has already been moving toward the slider design in their Walkman phone series. And the combination of a slider keypad with an iPhonish full touchscreen in SE P3i looks like a really good idea, that has already occured to quite a few other vendors as well.

The iPhone made all major cellphone vendors rethink their high end offerings and Sony Ericsson is no exception here. They must have been scrambling to come up with the answer to the  iPhone from the moment it was announced in January and we may be seeing the first fruits of these efforts.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • unkown

    looks fake to me!
    because if you you notice the screen resolution, it’s VGA. and you know that VGA has a screen aspect Ratio of 3:4 but the picture shows something else!. if this device is real it must have a 9:16 resolution (according to the screen size in the picture).
    and again in some other pics on the net that shows this device with the keypad slided in, you can see that the reflection of the SE123 in the wrong way showing a complete and hurried photoshop work.

    P3i IS definitly exists but it is not this.
    and i think that the specs is true.

  • Charlotte Carvalho

    Very pretty design! Keep working. Go on!

  • rachna

    Se p3i looking very cool. Plz you will quickly launch .And will u announce It's price. My birthday on 7th nov so I will buy it .

  • Santosh

    What is the price of SE P3I

  • Monellina93

    Where and when I can buy Sony Ericsson P3i? Can you answer on my e-mail address:…Thanks…

  • Monellina93

    Where and when I can buy Sony Ericsson P3i? Can you answer on my e-mail address:…Thanks…