Pantech Sky IM-U200 phone from the future

Pantech may be on on the verge of bankruptcy, but that does not preclude it’s mobile phones division to churn out innovative and cool looking new phones. Just in the last few months we saw Pantech IM-R200 dual screen touchpad phone and 9.9 mm Pantech IM-R200 thinnest slider with DMB TV.

And today comes the announcement of Pantech Sky IM-U200 “Shooting Star” phone:


Pantech IM-U200 has only a very basic specs, such as 1.3 mpx camera, Bluetooth and mp3 player. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all about design, baby! And this phone from the future certainly has the looks.

Unfortunately, it is not clear whether anyone outside of Korea will ever get the “Shooting star”, since Pantech IM-U200 was designed for SK Telecom and will go on sale only in Korea an impressive 500K Won (~550 US$)

Via: Aving

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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