Samsung gaming phone design directions

I may have been tricked by Samsung Anycall 5200 – the Chinese ripoff of Samsung F520 ultrasmart slider. But the general premise of the post – that Samsung is planning to enter gaming phone category still looks sound.

We have already discussed one interesting idea, how to turn Samsung mobile into a joystick phone . Now two more of Samsung gaming phone patent applications have surfaced, describing how Samsung may go about turning it’s handsets into a mobile gaming platforms.


The general idea in both patents is pretty simple. Since the gaming is meant to be a primary function for the device, easily accessible numeric keypad is not necessary and gaming controls take precedence.

The keypad then can be hidden behind the sliding screen (above), or behind the gaming control that you can flip open (below).


This way you can have both – portable gaming console with good gaming controls and easy to use mobile phone, without significantly increasing the overall size of the device.

Patent 1, Patent 2

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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