LG KU990 Viewty Review. (Almost) everything you need to know about it

LG Viewty KU990 review. Introduction

There wasn’t a whole lot of new cellphones displayed during IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin. But among those that were there, LG KU990 Viewty certainly was the most impressive.

Even before going to IFA I already had great expectations for LG Viewty KU990 . First, it’s the looks and the fact that it’s a successor for LG KE850 Prada full touchscreen phone.


Then it’s the specs:

  • 3.6 Mbps HSDPA connectivity
  • 3″ 400×240 px touchscreen
  • 100MB of internal memory
  • microSD memory card slot extendable up to 2GB
  • dimensions 103.5×54.4×14.8 mm
  • Weight: 112 g

and, of course, 5.1 mpx camera with Schneider Kreuzenach optics, Xenon Flash, manual/autofocus modes, image stabilzer, ISO800 SmartLight, face tracking and high speed 120 fps video recording capability.

With a specs like these, how can LG KU990 go bad? And it didn’t.

LG KU990 Viewty review. Camera

Here’s the picture made by LG Viewty in manual focus mode:


As you can see the quality of the picture, that was taken from about 70 cm, is really good for camera phone. The other shooting options for LG Viewty KU990 camera include: autofocus, panorama, burst shots (9 fps) and a frame shot.

Another cool thing about taking pictures with LG Viewty is the speed with which they are saved. On your usual cameraphone it can take from 5 to 10 seconds between the moment you hear the click of picture being taken and when it appears on screen. LG Viewty does that in less then 2 seconds.

And that circle that you see around the camera lens? It’s actually a jog dial, that you can use to (digitally) zoom in and out in a camera mode or focus the camera in manual focus mode. And it doubles as a volume control when you are talking on the phone, or a scroll wheel to scroll through music tracks and menu options.


In video camera mode, in addition to shooting VGA resolution clips at 30 fps, you can also take pictures in 120 fps fast video recording mode and then play video in slow motion at up to 15 fps. LG Viewty also has a dedicated microphone to capture sound during video recording.

Here’re the effects that you get with video recorded at 120 fps on LG Viewty and played back at 15 fps:

It’s been made under pretty lousy lighting conditions, but you should get the general idea how slow motion effects can look on LG Viewty, even in a low light.

And if you want to know more about camera capabilities of LG KU990 Viewty phone, the guys from InToMobile.com has pointed me to this great video made by the girls from ShinyShiny.TV:

LG Viewty KU990 review. Multimedia&Navigation

For your media, in addition to all traditional formats like Mp3, AAC, 3GP and others, LG KU990 Viewty has the media player that supports MPEG4/Divx video file playback, so you’ll be able to watch downloaded clips, TV shows and movies on your phone.

Between the touch controls and the Jog Dial, the overall navigation and interface of LG Viewty is very intuitive . I was easily browsing through the media files collection and menu options within minutes.


LG KU990 Viewty review. Text entry&dialing

Dialing numbers with the onscreen numeric keypad is no harder then on a normal phone. Writing SMS or e-mail with with onscreen QWERTY keyboard is even better.

The best thing about the number and text entry on LG Viety KU990 is the tactile feedback. You can feel vibration every time you press a key on Viewty, making the process as intuitive as on any normal phone. Thank’s to incorporation of Immersion’s VibeTonz technology, LG was able to solve the problem of tactile feedback, that plagued early touchscreen devices, pretty well.


LG KU990 has onscreen drawing/handwriting recognition feature too. You can draw pictures on a touchscreen, and Viewty will even recognize the numbers and characters, if that is your preferred data entry mode.

LG Viewty KU990 review. Other

LG Viewty KU990 model displayed at IFA was still a prototype, so there were some things missing to it.

E.g. it was really awkward to try handwriting or draw pictures with a finger on a touchscreen. And there was no stylus available. But LG manager told me that stylus will be added in LG Viewty sales package. Unfortunately there’s no place for it in the body of the phone, so carrying it around might pose some problems

LG KU990 Viewty and other LG phones on display at IFA were not connected to GSM network, so I was unable to test phone/data functions for now. Among the features that Viewty will support, but were not available for testing are:

  • Full HTML browsing via Obigo browser
  • Tight mobile Google apps integration. Following Google applications will be preinstalled/integrated in LG Viewty:
    • Google Maps
    • Google Search
    • Gmail Mobile
    • Blogger Mobile
    • YouTube, with a single click video uploads

    Also, from discussions with LG representatives it looks like some cellular carriers are not too enthusiastic about integrated Google apps. So do not be too surprised if your carrier subsidized LG KU990 Viewty will be missing some of them.

LG Viewty KU990 review. Conclusions

LG KU900 Viewty is a great mobile phone with outstanding camera capabilities, easy navigation and operation and lot’s of other cool features, like on screen editing and drawing, MPEG4/Avi file playback, tactile feedback, tight mobile Google apps/YouTube integration and high speed data transfers.

It may not have Multi-Touch features or the sleekness of the iPhone, but touch interface combined with JogDial on LG Viewty KU990 is still is very easy to use. And what it lacks in fancy gimmicks, LG Viewty certainly makes up in features and overall functionality.

There is one drawback to Viewty phone as well. LG Viewty KU990 is not a smartphone. It is a very good phone with good collection of additional applications, fast Internet browsing and the best camera features I’ve seen. It will also be able to run mobile JAVA apps. But if you are looking for rich third party software ecosystem like Symbian or Windows Mobile phones have, LG KU990 Viewty is not for you.

On the other hand, how many of us do really need a smartphone in their pocket? I got my wife Nokia E65 a few months back. She likes the form factor, but really hates the complexity around it. According to her, there’s too many options, too many choices and very often it’s just too hard to find the one simple thing she needs at the moment.

I usually end up fixing the things that got somehow messed up, every couple of weeks. Oh, and she never asked me to install a single third party software app.

According to LG, KU990 Viewty is due to be out by mid October in Europe. So I think I know already, what I’ll be getting my wife for Christmas.

Overall LG Viewty KU990 is one of the best phones I have tried and certainly the best one among the phones displayed during IFA Consumer Electronics show.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • bob

    i have a lg viewty and recently it has had trouble with the battrey life it has been really short and dies all the time but withen a few hours it says its full again but dies shortly after and this is without charging it also when the battrey has died and i have plugged it in to charge it will flash up on the screen battrey full now im not sure y this is and if anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know

  • bob

    Are you sure its unlocked to all sim cards it might just be a locked fone and wont accept ur sim

  • tasha09

    i Have same problem with mine get rid of it the phone will cost u 2 much 2 fix, its a problem with the chip reader on the phone.

  • alin

    this phine sux!!..dont ever go for it… buying it is completly wastage of money its better to buy anyother rather then idiotic cell phone!!…its simply sux!!

  • http://www.pakistanmobileprices.com macman

    can some one please tell me what are the best settings for Camera???
    Pictures don't look good even at 5Mp… :(

  • nika

    the only thng to do is buy a back up battery they are less than $10 on ebay. Thats what I had to do but it really too much of a hassle so I'm selling mine as soon as the new iphone comes out! Plus you can't upload picyures! Which really sucks

  • Kingaa

    Maybe it dies because it has a big screen(good screen) so it needs a lot of battery.

  • Kingaa

    Im thinking about buying this phone but im not sure because i've seen a lot of bad things about it on this website but my friend says that its really good so now i cnt make my mind up.
    please tell me if i should buy it or not.

  • Thomas Buxton

    I just ordered mine, should be in tomorrow. I got a really good deal on it, and to be honest; most of the BAD reports from this site we over exaggerated imo. I have heard 91% good comments and the other 9% of people are there are probably to lame to figure out how to work phones properly. I say go for it Kingaa!

  • n-dubz

    its standard =| not the best but its standard

  • Siddiq

    i have some problem in my LG Ku 990 please clarify my problem,

  • karl the bullet

    deffo getting this fone on monday, was going to get the samsung tocco but heard that the touchscreen on it can be quite enoying and slow + its more expensive, read a few reviews on the lg viewty now and no fone is perfect but this fone seems awsum, cant wait to get one!!

  • Ann

    This is the worst phone I've ever had the misfortune of buying. The battery life is appalling (2days at most on minimal use), the ariel is VERY POOR making every call a reception nightmare (my previous Nokia gave no trouble in the same areas) and the touch screen is a novelty that wore off within 10 mins (I prefer the tactileness of buttons and am fed up of hitting the wrong key on the screen). The only benifit of this phone is the camera. But that's not enough.



  • kunglao

    to be honest…the viewty is a great phone. Have you notcied it has 5.1 megapixel, so how can that be worse than a 1.5 mp of a nokia? and you can get wifi, check your settings, and you're not really going to attract customers to your offer of 60% off, when you've just described it as the worst phone ever made by LG.

    everyone except seems to understand that the LG viewty is a great phone, you get it for the stuff it's got, and if it dosn't have what you want, then maybe you shouldn't have bought it in the first place.
    Get your facts sorted out, and have a backup argument for your future slag offs of technology

  • kunglao

    just for reference, i agree with r54's opinion :)

  • romrom

    is this a smartphone?? i HATE the smart phone plans..

  • florifna

    i love LGKU990

  • murray

    hey man. i recently got the lgku990 viewty. i read in your comment that you can get wi-fi? can you please explain how to get these settings? thanx

  • Lea

    I cant seem to get the flash to work on the camera of my LG KU900…I've tried pretty much everything too..including asking a friend that has the same fone as I do, and he hsnt had much luck with getting his to work either…any suggestions?? PLEASE???

  • TomboFry

    I have a problem with the flash sometimes, although it depends how bright the surroundings are. Sometimes I have had to take pictures on the dark for the flash to work, sometimes it goes off when it's not needed, but I have it on auto all the time.
    Just wondering, you have turned the flash on haven't you?

  • dilllan

    i love the phone its sooooooo awsome

  • Lea

    Yeah, Ive turned it on, turned it off, turned it inside out and backwards…lol…but stll, no luck…someone told me this is a very common problem with this mobile…but the thing is, I got it to work a couple of times, then it stopped working, then out of the blue I got it to flash again, then I went back to the main menu to see if I could get it to work still, but it then stopped working all together…..cant get it figured out, no matter what i try, or who i ask!! Extremely frustrating…ALTHO, it does take great pics, and i love this fone…the ONE & ONLY PROB I FOUND is the temperamental flash

  • Lea

    Yeah, Ive turned it on, turned it off, turned it inside out and backwards…lol…but stll, no luck…someone told me this is a very common problem with this mobile…but the thing is, I got it to work a couple of times, then it stopped working, then out of the blue I got it to flash again, then I went back to the main menu to see if I could get it to work still, but it then stopped working all together…..cant get it figured out, no matter what i try, or who i ask!! Extremely frustrating…ALTHO, it does take great pics, and i love this fone…the ONE & ONLY PROB I FOUND is the temperamental flash