Fly Hummer HT1 (SX210) launches tomorrow in Russia

Remember Hummer HT1 phone? We knew it was designed by French Modelabs, but had no idea about who will actually be making the phone.

It did not look familiar and it was clear that HT1 Hummer is not just a rebranded version of some major vendor cellphone.

Well, now we know. Hummer HT1 phone is based on a Fly SX210 slider:


Who is Fly, you may ask? Well according to their website:

Fly is a European mobile phone company founded in 2003 with offices in countries including UK, France, Germany, India, Russia, Ukraine and Nigeria… Fly has already become a leading mobile phone brand in Eastern Europe. In Russia, Fly has achieved a phenomenal growth in the past few years to reach 3% market share at the end of 2006. In the CIS, Fly has reached a 4% market share with particular success in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

It looks like Fly is almost exclusively focusing on East European markets for now, so it’s no wonder that you have not heard much about them.

But they are pretty well known in Russia so it’s no wonder they decided to add their own brand name to Hummer phone when they launch it as Fly Hummer HT1 in Moscow tomorrow.

Via Mobile-Review 

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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