Extensive Sony Ericsson W890i review done in Poland

When prototype Sony Ericsson W890 Walkman phone first appeared on Polish auction site, I actually tried to buy it. But I was eventually outbid and didn’t get the phone.

I guess, the guys at Polish Sony Ericsson fansite SE-CEnter.pl were the ones to win the auction. And now they made an extensive review for SE W890 Walkman. I can read a little Polish so here’s what I’d been able to understand from it:


First, I must admit, the numbering -Sony Ericsson W890i – is a pure guess on my part so far, but this phone is a clear successor to the popular W880i Walkman, so don’t think I’m very far off with this.

At 9.6 mm, SE W890 is 2 mm thicker then it’s predecessor and comes with the new Walkman 3.0 software. 2″ (5.2 cm) screen is very clear with a sharp contrast.


In addition to an advanced mp3 player, Walkman W890 had built-in FM radio with RDS and TV tuner as well. While the radio function worked great, the testers were not able to view any TV programs.

The phone has been able to detect TV stations, however any attempts to play them ended in fisako. The reason is not clear yet – might have been software glitch in the prototype, lack of network support for the service or something else.

Music playback quality with MegaBass was very good and advanced Sony Ericsson tricks like TrackID and SensMe did their magic.


The phone came with a very high quality 3D Rally game. Other applications included VideoDJ, PhotoDJ MusicDJ, RSS reader, Push e-mail app, Remote Control (to control apps via PC).

3.2 megapixel camera on Sony Ericsson W890 takes decent pictures and here are some samples made with it:


Sony Ericsson W890 has crashed and rebooted a few times during the 2 week testing period. But this is a prototype phone so you should expected at least some glitches.

Overall, Sony Ericsson W890 Walkman is a very solid phone with tons of great features and functions.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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