Nokia N96 N-Gage gaming phone concept

The first Nokia N96 concept phone appeared on the Net last March. It was an interesting phone and stirred quite a lively discussion about possible future looks and specs.

Now, Nokia fans at French Spanish discussion board ToDoSymbian came up with another even more interesting Nokia N96 N-Gage gaming phone concept, that takes into account the latest developments in both S60 and N-Gage software/service platforms:


Nokia N96 is a really interesting concept combining all the best features from full touchscreen phone, numeric keypad, QWERTY keyboard and portable gaming console into one cool gadget.

The specs for this Nokia N96 would be:

  • Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900) WCDMA 2100, HSDPA
  • 6 mpx camera
  • 3.2″ 16M color display
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
  • full QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad
  • DMB TV, FM Radio
  • 4 audio speakers
  • built-in GPS
  • full touchscreen with motion sensor and joystick navigation
  • dimensions 102.5x56x17.6 mm
  • weight: 115g

My beef current Nokia N96 is – why settle for what would be a lame 6 mpx camera, when we already know that 8 megapixel/optical zoom phone cameras will appear in high end mobile phones next year? Will we even have 6 megapixel cameras?

And where’s HSUPA and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA data transfer support that will be incorporated into mobile phones next year as well? Again. Another interesting concept. And this one a bit closer to the real model. At least in size.

And to see what  N96 looks like in live pictures and video, check out our Nokia N96 review.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Moody

    wth…8mpx cameras nxt year…subhanaalah…

  • Arun

    Hey better to buy this sony ericsson w960i is good. Coz music lovers plus photo lovers can choose sony, at d same time nokia n96 got 6 pixel camera. So for that cost we can buy sony ericsson w960i is the best:)

  • Atif Iftikhar

    What to say about Nokia’s new masterpiece N96, it’s simply a jewel embedded with cutting edge technology describing the finesse and expertise of the people behind this sophisticated marvel. It is packed with all those features needed to place it on the higher padestal than its contemporaries. It fulfils the needs of a wide range of people from amateurs to businessmen. It’s quite dear nevertheless, one can’t help get a hand over it or at least I can’t!

  • Benson

    hmm… its kind of “OK” there is no punch in this mobile. a ngage concept should be like sony psp design in a phone the qwert keyboard is a total mess.

  • Shareq

    There is a mistake in the design of n96, A big fault.
    If u wana know so please see all the three pics carefully
    .u will observe that the buttons around the LCD are disappeared in one of the pics just to give a better look.

  • Zitlállic

    How much is the n96???

  • anan1221

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  • hello

    how much is n96. If it is less than £1 i am buying it and if it for free i am going to buy it.
    I wish it costs £0.03 or £1000000

  • Maria

    How much is the N96 and N96N?

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    Quadband GSM (9850/9900/9800/9900) WCDMA 9100, HSDPA
    12.2 mpx camera
    37.2? 16M color display
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 299.0, USB 762.0
    full QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad
    DMB TV, FM Radio
    576 audio speakers
    built-in GPS
    full touchscreen with motion sensor and joystick navigation
    dimensions 102356534634535645365464356×565634633456×5678346 mm
    weight: 62591436497692317567812353857751724890570248705891783750184758640756734609145831315g
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  • Elliott W

    hello if you could give me on how much this phone will be and when is it coming out in the uk….thank you….

  • Kenya

    I think this phone is so woow…gud Job

  • Nandita

    Wat is the Price of it ?

  • wrighty

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  • yousuf

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  • middy

    hey!y ar dey two n96?coz dz luks different 4rom d 1 i saw on nokia official website..i'm kind ov confused on which i'm goin 2 buy….

  • rajan

    i wany to buy this phone

  • rishabh

    when is it launching?

  • rajan

    when is it coming out in stores, how much,?can i buy it now?

  • anil kumble

    1 aug,2050

  • nikhil kadam {nick’s}

    nokia n96 is like my self ie.{ nick’s} sweet and smart
    nikhil and pranoti

  • pragnesh patel

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    HOW MUCH N96?

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    FAKE!!! how can Nokia create such an UGLY phone like that???

  • fazrin

    nice fone

  • dell

    this looks great, i have to ask how much memory will it have ???

  • pawan banshwar

    nice phone cost may be 17000

  • tyu

    i buy wen it is free

  • Deepak

    N96's price is so costly.

  • mathan

    potta mobile (by mathan kutty)

  • mathan

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  • naif

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  • shinan

    its nt dat much amazing coz its a slide one

  • tran

    if you sign new contract with T-mobile, you have to pay $760usd to get N96, or close to 1K if you just want to buy the phone

  • shafimp

    very intelligent phone

  • manish kanodia

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  • Concept

    Cant you people read it says n96 ngage CONCEPT!
    Meaning its just an idea of what the phone could look like lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Ayya

    Wat is the memory of the N96 n-gage

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  • Mark Gannon

    cant wait to get one !