OMG, PSP Phone is coming!!!… No it’s NOT!!!

Here we go again. The next round of Sony Playstation Phone rumors, with Sony confirming and then denying that they are working on the darn thing.

I have to confess, I’m also guilty of taking this particular rumor mill to the next level with the discovery of Sony Ericsson PSP phone patent back in June.

But today’s news “OMG, PSP Phone is coming!!!” , “No it is not !!!!” are completely non-news and would be quickly forgotten by Monday.

And there’s actually no good reason for this post as well. Except that I stumbled on this wonderful rendering of PSP Phone by T3.UK (based on original patent picture ) and couldn’t stop putting it on my blog too:


Ain’t this one a beauty?

I truly wish for someone from Sony Ericsson to see this and think – “Hey, SE PSP Phone can really be a great device. Let’s make it real quick!”

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • terrence

    lmfao if onyl sony eccrisson ppl would see thiz and actually think that, and DAMMMM THATS A TRUE EAUTY just hope its made………..real quick……….liek around next year at chrstmas time =D

  • fatima_lacdao

    wow.. amazing..!!

  • KodaKumi

    Hope to have 1 to0~

  • lfy

    whats the point in flipping it to the side?

  • a-ss/psp/man

    wow its very butiful

  • Dave Smirnoff

    cant waait 2 get my hands on that…!

  • Ericka

    umm how much does it cost???

  • Staska

    Nothing. Because it does not exist…

  • nagi ali

    it sucks

  • nagi ali

    this picture make it look nice, but it really sucks

  • Nagi Saleh

    you think it's nice as you see it, but the fact is IT SUCKS

  • hustler

    you are not gonna get it if you say it's amazing

  • travis

    man i got a better concept than that. if any teck ppl out there would like to try there hand at it hit me up.

  • yonna

    dat sound so fun omg

  • nana

    coooooooooooool, you guys have done well. hoping to get some one day.

  • Anonymous

    i am william ford i wish to buy your product

  • osvaldo

    how much for the very top one?/?

  • da guy dat thinks u gay

    u gay

  • sonic227

    fuck all of you if you do not like it

  • jldfgkfndlknflkbd

    lmao yeah.

  • John

    suck balls

  • ganster

    i own that piece of sh*t and its not exactly coooool as everyone say it is

  • michael

    can i get a psp phone

  • Luis Flores

    Are you fuckin idiot??How do you play games with all these stupid buttons in the way…Go find a brain and tell me how this is suppose to work

  • sami

    the next person who says i own that its shit or i own that is soooo coooooool hears somthin u need 2 noe its not out its jus somthin that he wants sony 2 make read below pic!!!

  • Vinod

    Network setup:

    Motorola SB4100—>RTP300 – 2 comp
    WRT54G — 1 wireless lapotop, 1 office laptop

    Usage of games like PSP, DSI and WII

    4 cordless phones with 2.4Ghz customer says disconnected from home wiring (?)

    Issue: Wireless connection gets disconnected while using our service.

    All techies your thoughts on this issue…

  • Chelsea Mosley

    I Have a PSP and this would be the greatest and smartest device ever!!!

  • Musa Killins

    da psphone huh… hmmm… i gotta admit, this is some cool shit. But why is there a pspone when the psp has skype, which can make calls? Well, i don't even care anymore.

  • Ashleigh

    how much is the psp phone????????? i want one ill pay wt ever it takes????????????how much?????????

  • johny

    hell no supper stupid

  • Ryder

    Sony should really think about making it! But at a reasonable prince unlike some of the game systems *cough PS3cough* but its sleek and mod!

  • guest

    nice buttons, tool. That's a horrific mockup

  • bob burnquist

    your gay that thing is so fake but that would be cool

  • bob burnquist

    its fake your gay but it would be cool

  • blah blah

    so you can turn the joystick to the opposite end for gameplay…. of course..

  • demetriachevannes

    This thing look real mad it look sick in jamaican trems i really like this amean how can i get this and whats the price of this sony pspphone.

  • joeymartinez

    Damn! its nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DUH

    Really, there should be a limit on how retarded a person is allowed to get. You flip the screen around for gaming and the “stupid” buttons have alot more brains then you… By the way, if you get a chance, you should learn how to speak this really cool language called English. It involved talking in complete sentences and spelling thing.
    This has been brought to you by DUH inc.

  • DUH

    You wish
    Brought to you by DUH inc.

  • viola

    i would like to get one of this man,soonest

  • Herh

    Thats one of the worst fakes i've seen in a while. Why would you want to flip it to the side. And wtf is up with the buttons? … just plain retarded.

  • deviljay

    quoted from “brain” dude DUH,

    “have alot more brains then you”

    You need to work on your spelling man, i guess you can't speak your “cool” language called english. sentence construction starts with spelling.


  • 2WooHNiNe

    it looks like i want one for myself:~)send me one for free

  • emmanueldilson

    this is soooooooooooo cooooooooooollll

  • hmmm

    to large mate……….for a phone

  • riza mae hernandez

    hahaha i think its true now its not :p

  • manu

    how take this mobile

  • Kil

    There's no PSP Phone… but, there IS a PS3 Phone :P

  • Name

    Its going to be like hell trying to use it as a phone, the way the buttons are.
    Plus, has anyone seen the PCB of the phone? packed with electronics?
    Its going to be really thick (the device i mean) and hard to pack 2 different devices and then sync them.