Two-Way slider patent for Sony Ericsson P5i look-alike

When all the rumors about the upcoming Sony Ericsson P5i started back in the beginning of November, SE fans were mostly impressed and talking about by the promise of full touch screen interface on it. But there were also a speculation that SE P5i might be a dual slider with both numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard.

I have no idea whether there’s a grain of truth in these rumors or if these features will make it into P5i smartphone. What I now can confirm is that Sony Ericsson is at least seriously thinking about including two-way slider design into it’s mobile phone line-up.


These pictures come from Sony Ericsson patent application called “Two-way sliding mobile terminal” that I found recently.

Some pictures from the application look pretty similar to some Sony Ericsson P5i renderings on Esato boards.

And some of them are very different:


Of course, the overall two way slider concept is nothing really new these days. Nokia has patented something similar a while ago and we’ve heard about Samsung F520 Ultra Smart way back in February.

Still it’s interesting to see Sony Ericsson’s take on the two way slider concept too.

You can download full patent application (1.3 MP, *.pdf)  here.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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