Toshiba Portege smartphone roadmap for 2008 turns up

The leaks of the upcoming new Toshiba PDA phones keeps coming. Just few days ago we reported about upcoming Toshiba Portege G920 & G910 communicators. Now we’ve got another independent confirmation of this, some info about other Toshiba smartphones planned for 2008.

The Russian mobile site were able to snap a picture during some presentation, where the whole Toshiba Portege PDA phone roadmap for 2008 was revealed:


As you can see there’s a live model of Toshiba Portege G920 in a guy’s hand and G920 targeted for Q1 2008 release, on a slide.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of G910 model here. My guess is that G910 and G920 are pretty much the same handsets for different regional markets. And since the roadmap slide was meant for the Russian audience (you can see Russian heading at the top of it), what they’ll get would be Toshiba G920 Portege model.

They also have another “ultra” high end communicator model – Toshiba Portege G930 planned for late Q3 or early Q4, 2008 release. No info about Toshiba G930 form factor, but it looks like it will have full QWERTY keyboard in a slider or flip-phone body.

Then there will be Toshiba Portege G800 launched in early 2008, probably in February, during 3GSM show in Barcelona. Toshiba G800 will be a stylus operated touchscreen phone. No word about possible touch/finger input.

Toshiba will also have two GPS equipped handsets in 2008. Toshiba Portege G710 will be launched together with Toshiba G920, probably during CES show in Las Vegas, early January 2008. Toshiba G710 will be candybar shaped handset with QWERTY keyboard. By the years end we will also have it’s GPS equipped successor – Toshiba Portege G720.

And finally, early next year Toshiba will have a Portege G450, which is dubbed as “USB Modem Phone”. But I have no idea what that one may look like.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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