Nokia patents a dedicated gaming console/phone idea

Different primary uses of mobile devices require different input methods and control interfaces. So a highly advanced cameraphone, like Samsung G800 is built around camera functionality, mp3/music phone, like Sony Ericsson Walkman W910, emphasize it’s music features and access to them. Even an iPhone comes as a PMP/ Internet browsing device first and a mobile phone second.

The same is true for the gaming phones as well. To have an optimized gaming experience mobile phone should be designed with the features of portable gaming console in mind. Sony PSP phone idea or Nokia N81 N-Gage gaming phone comes to mind.

Now Nokia has an even better idea – portable gaming console with mobile phone and camera functionality:


Described in a patent application called “Handheld electronic devices” this Nokia device

“…is a computer gaming console, input elements 121, 122 being provided for user input by the left hand of a user and input elements 123, 124 being provided for input by the right hand of user. The games are displayed on the display 110, but in other embodiments, the games can additionally or alternatively be provided for display on another electronic device associated with the device. In the present case, the device 100 also allows the user to make radiotelephone calls (e.g. using cellular telephone functionality), take pictures (camera on reverse of device 100 is not shown), and play recorded/streamed audio (e.g. music/speech etc).”

This Nokia gaming phone is a slim, easy to carry around device, that can be used as an ordinary mobile phone, camera or media player. However it also comes with a retractable/sliding handles at the sides. When in a gaming mode, the handles make the device holding area much wider, making it as easy to operate as any dedicated portable gaming console.

I have no idea whether we will see something like this actually implemented. But if the gaming on mobile phones is really to take off, expanded services offerings, like Nokia N-Gage is not enough.

Much better and or/dedicated gaming control interfaces are a must, and this Nokia gaming device idea looks like a step in the right direction.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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