Motorola M990 Smart Rider . WTF?!

Talk about the surprises in obvious places.

While we are searching for hints in viral videos and even getting some leaks about the upcoming Motorola phone line-up, looks like we forgot to check some obvious places for new mobile products to appear.

Such as the FCC site.

Today FCC has given it’s approval to one strange device – Motorola M990 Smart Rider “GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone”.

Ain’t that that a cool name for a cellular device? The looks are pretty unconventional too:


Motorola M990 Smart Rider is a mobile phone that requires a professional install and provides

“…not only voice but also high speed data services, entertainment, information, advanced network connection, BT connections, GPS navigation services, etc; … it incorporates Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE g24 module, new big color screen and integrated GPS and Bluetooth components… with stylish and full features set, it is targeted to a broad band of markets looking for exclusivity like business men, limousines and private cars looking for stylish communication and navigation solution…”

A fixed mobile car phone in 2008? Yeah. Right.

And can you guess where the quote above came from? The draft of Motorola M990 Smart Rider marketing brochure? Nope. It comes directly from the FCC site “Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Report” (*.pdf).

All-in-all, one of the strangest products and FCC applications I’ve seen.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • ghengis

    Motorola going nuts. Who will have a fixed phone in a car. Come on