On cellphone features and functions. Nostalgia for Nokia 6310

Remember this handset?


Yes, it is a legendary Nokia 6310.

This is THE model, that in my mind is firmly associated with the idea of “business-phone” or “functional phone” (from the times since these two terms practically meant the same thing).

Nokia 6310i specs look pretty funny nowadays and does not have anything that any modern low to mid end handset “must have”. No MP3 Ringtones or memory card, no music player, no camera, no radio, no color display and many other “no’s”.

But the going price for a refurbished Nokia 6310/6310i in second hand markets or E-bay, is anywhere between 80 and 120 EUR. And it’s not that easy to get it even at that price, since the current happy owners loath giving up on their favorite handset.

A year ago I knew a small entrepreneur in both new and second hand phones, who used to do “refreshes” on the old handsets. He always had a few Nokia 6310s in a shiny new covers on hand. And he was selling them “as new”… for a whopping EUR 160.

I had a chance to watch the sales process for a while. And it was almost the same every time.

There comes a guy with a dead Nokia 6310/6310i and says, “Look, I accidentally broke/drowned/ smashed my phone. Do you have a replacement?” . And left happy with a new Nokia 6310, and less EUR160 in his pocket. Without even bothering to look at any other handset.

I’m sure the story is the same today, although I lost contact with him since then. So why does this happen? Why do people want to pay good money for a phone that has nothing?

It’s because in the end, additional functions and multiple features are not as important as vendors are trying to convince us. And because Nokia 6310 had three very important things going for it: solid design, outstanding durability and superb usability.

In the race for better specs and functions, the need to differentiate themselves from competition, and by cramming additional features, vendors tend to forget the main thing:


I really like my Nokia E90. It’s great for reading e-books, or replying to comments on a blog. But all the functions and benefits are rendered moot real quick, when the battery dies in the middle of the day. Or when I need to lug it around in my hands everywhere, because putting Nokia E90 Communicator into a jeans pocket is a pretty masochistic experience.

One more example. Did you ever try to make a call on your LG Prada (Samsung Armani, Apple iPhone, etc.) in winter, outside, when it’s -15° C ( 5° F) out there? If you did, you know what I mean…

More megapixels! Touchscreen displays! Optical zoom! Tell me once again, why do I need all this in my phone?

Just get me the new 6310i, please …

Author: Alex and Staska

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  • Mozart 21

    If you think maing a call on an Armani is difficult outside, just try sending a message. Composing takes forever and selecting recipients is a very hit and miss, and miss again affair

  • mploessl

    …really a great business phone.
    6310i jet black

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