Major Handset announcements from Motorola at CTIA: Kodak phone, MotoMing 2, Rokr E10 and Moto Q10?

Since officially announcing it’s new and very late Motorola Z10 flagship at CES, Motorola has been very quiet about it’s new rumored handset line-up.

Although the leaks about the new, really cool Motorola handsets kept on coming, nothing was announced during a the biggest mobile show of the year – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Actually, IMHO, Motorola’s booth and phone line-up at MWC2008, was one of the lamest among the major cellphone vendors.

I had a chance to ask one of Motorola VPs at MWC, why is that.

The answer was that they did not want to get lost among the flood of the new phone announcements at MWC, and decided to make their big announcements at CTIA Wireless on April 1-3 instead.

He also indicated that Motorola’s partnership with Kodak is pretty close to bearing some fruits, and that they certainly will have 5 megapixel camera phone soon and even go beyond that this year.

Today I came by an interesting video on YouTube with new Motorola phone line-up, which confirms some of the info above :

One of the really interesting things that caught my attention was this handset (about 32 seconds into a clip):


It is clearly a cameraphone, you can also see Kodak logo in the picture. It also seems to be a candybar with a new morphing keypad, first seen in Rokr E8 music phone. My guess – this is the new Motorola/Kodak 5 megapixel cameraphone.

And this one looks just like the Motorola A1600/ MotoMing 2 I told you in December:


There’s also Motorola Q9 Windows Mobile smartphone update with Windows Mobile 6.1 in it. Maybe – Motorola Q10?


And a new Music slider – MOTO ROKR E10?


Looks like Motorola is finally getting it’s act together with a pretty interesting new offers.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Cesar Cardoso

    There’s also a phone that looks like the Z9 that has been speculated from some time

  • http://n/a Cindy Wan

    The trouble with Motorola is that they announce new phones and new designs, then take nine months to a full year before they release their new offerings to the public. By that time, their competitors, i.e., LG and Samsung will have release a few dozen new models with the same or more functions. Several of Motorola’s new models appeal to me but can I or anyone really afford to wait? Why can’t they be like Apple, which announces new products (iPods mostly) and one hour later, one can order them from their website?

  • Staska

    Well, no argument there. 9 months or a year is way too long a time for a newly announced handset to hit the market.

    On the other hand, mobile phone industry may be a bit more complicated then other parts of consumer electronics/pc market.

    You have to get all the radio emissions right, you have to get certified by FCC, approved by the carriers to accept your phone on their network, etc; And that may be hard with the cutting edge technology that go into the latest handsets

    So it’s not only Motorola that take months to get the newly announced handset actually shipping.

    Sony Ericsson had similar problems with their P1i or current Xperia X1. Samsung F700 took about 9 months from the announcement to start shipping.

    Even the best ones – Nokia and Apple can have more then 6 months time to get their phones to the market.

    iPhone was announced mid January, started shipping end of June (6 months+), Nokia N95 – announced in September, shipping in March (about 6 months), Nokia N96 – announced February, shipping in August (6 months)

  • Fernando

    I don’t know… the one you say that looks like the a1600 for me looks like a razr type phone… if you see it from the back you will see that it has a hinge, where it seems (in my opinion) the place on which they located the flashlight and the camera… which would be very cool. I love flip phones with style and I’m currently waiting to replace my old phone also from Motorola but the ones that they are offering lack of flashlight. Also, the screen seems to be too small for a pda type… I hope to see this soon in the market cause I like the design of razrs but since they don’t have flashlight now they are not a current option. All that I would expect from a cell phone would be a 3 – 5 mp cam with autofocus and flashlight if possible, flip type, radio, mp3 player and probably enough space on board and if not at least card slot… you know nokia is making phones 8gb and 16 gb disks… but I hate them and well they follow the tendency of the “slider phones” which I hate more than regular nokias cause as far as I now they break easily…

  • Staska

    Well, yes. The one that I think may be A1600, might as well be a new RAZR type flip phone. The pictures are too unclear to say for certain.

    It all depends on what we actually see on the front of the device. If this it’s a big external display, like RAZR2 has, then yes, it is RAZR iteration.

    If it’s a transparent cover through which you can see the main display (like on Motoming and spy shot of A1600), then it’s MotoMing2

    And I agree, that Motorola needs quite a few well sepc’ed out phones ASAP

  • Cesar Cardoso

    Oh. The video has been removed by YouTube. Heh.