Mobile concepts from Tancher design competition

I never get tired looking at a good mobile phone concepts. And there were quite a few really good ones recently both from inside mobile vendors and independent designers.

And when some design house announces the competition for a communication device of the future, you know that something interesting is bound to come out from it.

As was the case with Tancher design award. Here are the devices that took top three places:

A Magic Mirror by Timofej Gorlov:


While for my tech inclined taste this wasn’t a favorite, Magic Mirror took the first place in competition.

All the internal electronics of the device are hidden inside a glass sphere – the magic crystal, and behind the two displays there. The image on the displays can come from internal electronics or fed from the six internal cameras, to render all the insides invisible. The screen can also be made to project a “magnifying glass effect.

Through cameras and internal electronics, the device is capable of lip reading, thus recognizing your verbal commands and enhancing it’s “magic” appearance. And the whole thing is:

Animated realistic changes between chronometer, magnifying glass, mirror, compass, news box, phone, media player, TV create the feeling of the following: if it is not a magic, it’s a little wonder. For example, the change to the mode of operation “ON” is dark background, the point of light at the center of opening aperture (diaphragm); then you can see the whole indicator panel of chronometer. And even the small shadow gets a move on with second hand.

The second place went to Light Flash by Peter Zsolt Koren:


The front side of the device is covered by semitransparent, scratch resistant plastic, with a full sized touchscreen beneath it. All the usual gimmicks like numeric keypad, keyboard, menu controls can be done through this touchscreen.

However, at the front of the device there’s also projector and cameras that are also able to capture the hand movement:

The projector projects the pictures on the wall or on a paper or on a whiteboard. The projector and the camera are active together.The camera recognize the projected picture and create the active areas on it. This data get from for example the web code like at the normal computer.When you show something on the projected picture the camera recognize your finger motion and activate it. The projected picture become an active interface!

You can also use the main touchscreen like a trackpad to control projected display.

On the other side of the device is a high quality speaker.

And the third place in design competition went to “Tancher – Transformer” by Maxim Shkinder:


It’s a multifunctional device, that can act as a mobile telephone, photo/video recorder, multimedia player, multimedia projector and has support for holographoc image projection and 3-D scanner. A particular configuration of the communicator parts determines certain interface of a particular function.

Hologram area that is shown together with its ports on the picture may be used for the 3-D scanner function. User may pass an X-object whose sizes does not exceed the size of the area through the scanner area and 3-D image of the object will be captured in the memory of the communicator or may be transformed in a 2-D format.An original function of “Video-Company” is an ideal way to feel closer to your relatives, sweetheart or lead a business with your partners. For instance camera in an active mode may transfer video information in real time to your friend who is ready to guide you to a certain street or help you find a particular object in a city. The communicator installed on the office desk helps to organize a business video conference or make a presentation to your colleagues.

To read more about these devices head over to the competition site.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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    what the fuck!!!!!!

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    what the fuck!!!!!!