Mossberg: 3G iPhone coming in 60 days

Steve Jobs told the British press last September that they could release a 3G iPhone late next year, but Digg’s Kevin Rose last month told us via a Twitter post that it will ship earlier in June. And Walter Mossberg recently confirmed that “it will be 3G in 60 days.”

Yeah, why it took so long, Apple? For most Asian mobile users like me, 3G phones were already a kind of ubiquitous technology.

Computer World wrote:

Apple has stated that the iPhone will be in Asia in 2008. We know that EDGE won’t work in Japan but 3G standard UMTS / HSDPA will.

A part from fulfilling the market needs in US and Europe (which currently had EDGE iPhones only), it also means that 3G iPhone would be part of Apple strategy to enter the Asian market, too.

However, Mossberg notes that the next generation iPhone will offer a pretty good video experience with its iPod capabilities.

It’s also said that:

…the redesigned iPhone back also drops the black plastic end piece that covers the antenna.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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