Pics, specs of new Tag Heuer Meridiist

For those who think that the currently available high-end phones (Nokia N95 8GB, Apple iPhone, etc.) aren’t expensive enough, this new cellphone from Tag Heuer might prove interesting.

Aside from its incredulously expensive pricing (from about $5,300 to $6,000+), the upcoming Tag Heuer luxury phone is complete with features that would put other mobile phones to shame… in 2001! You’ve got to admire them for their efforts, though. And besides, Vertu shouldn’t be the only luxury phone manufacturer anyway.

To be fair with Tag Heuer, not too many mobile phone manufacturers are currently rolling out phones with reliable and built-to-last materials in the first place, like Sapphire Crystal displays, all-metal bodies, and OLED screens. So I guess this will be where its new luxury phone, called the Meridiist, would be able to take the cake.

Among its list of features are a 1.9-inch QVGA screen, Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia playback, and a manufacturer-rated 28 day standby time.

While I’m sure this won’t be replacing most of our high-end handsets any time soon, I think it would be interesting to see how phones of the future would look like. A feature packed Nokia that’s as sexy as this? It’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it happening in the near future.

Via: Journal du Geek

Author: David Gonzales

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