iPhone used for voice communications less than half of the time in US

iSuppli, a US market research corporation has come out with some interesting information regarding the usage of iPhone. According to the survey data, iPhone owners use their device for voice communications only 46.5% of the time, compared to 71.7% among users of all types of mobile phones. Instead of talking, they spend more time browsing the web (12.1% of the time, in contrast to 2.5% of all mobile phone owners on average), or listening to music (11.9% in comparison to 2.4%). You can see all the results of the survey iSuppli ran in the chart below.

iPhone usage data

Even though the company’s research shows that smartphones from HTC Corp. are used for accessing the internet even more often (percentage-wise) than the iPhone, the latter has a much larger market share; large enough, in fact, to send Bank of America and Google scrambling to improve their support for mobile internet activities and meet the demands of increased web traffic from iPhone users.

What is the cause of such wide mobile internet usage among the iPhone owners? Apple’s product is, undoubtedly, ergonomic and convenient device, great for checking your e-mail or reading some news online without having to carry your laptop around. That is not the only reason, however; the unlimited Edge plans that the operators in US offer with the iPhone probably played a big part in making mobile web browsing with this device so popular. If a similar survey would be ran in Europe, where many operators charge per-MB fees, I would expect somewhat different results.

Via: iSuppli

Author: Andrius

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