Breaking: 3 new Samsung cellphones leaked! Samsung M620, Samsung B510 and Samsung B300

Following our earlier coverage of three new Samsung handsets (U800, i900 and L870) whose pics and information got leaked on the Internet, here we have even more exclusive information and pics of yet another set of unannounced cellphone models, leaked in the Netherlands by Samsung itself.

Looking at the photos, one can guesstimate that these follow-up handsets were displayed/ demoed on the same day and the same event as our first set, taking into account the appearance of the background and how the handsets are positioned in the photos. And while the previously covered Samsung i900, the Samsung U800 and the Samsung L870 all seemed to be powerful high-end handsets, these three new phones are set to take on the budget and mid-level markets, something that Samsung has not been quite successful in conquering just yet.
The first in our latest set of leaked Samsung cellphones is the Samsung M620. Coated in stark silver with black highlights, it is in the sliding form factor, which is still one of the most popular form factors of this day. It only has a standard, 262k color LCD screen, and is packed with a VGA camera for good measure. Because kids these days expect a camera to be part of any phone, you know.

Samsung B510

But the basic features stop there because this handset is Bluetooth A2DP enabled. Which means you can stream music from its built-in music player to your preferred Bluetooth headphones. If you don’t want to listen with the built-in FM radio, that is.

The next handset is called the Samsung B510, which almost looks like the previously mentioned Samsung M620, only this one looks more flat, and the corners are more sharp on it.

Samsung M620

The Samsung B510 is said to have basically the same features as the M610, and probably the only differences between the two would be the sizes of the handsets and the screen. That’s because the screen on the B510 is going to be CSTN, only capable of showing off about 65,000 colors. Plus, the B510 will not be equipped with a camera.

And lastly, we have the Samsung B300, which is going to be made in the clamshell form factor, with readable screens both inside the fold and out.

Samsung B300

The B300 will feature a CSTN display just like the B510, and will be a dual-band handset capable of sending SMS and MMS messages in compatible networks. Not much is known about this last leaked handset, except for its size (87 x 45 x 18.6 millimeters) and the fact that it’s going to target prepaid users. So we have another budget handset here.

As of now, these are the only available pics and information of Samsung’s newest budget handsets, but expect news about this to roll out fast soon after. Meanwhile, we’ll be here to update you when that happens.

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