fring VoIP app for iPhone have just announced a special pre-release R&D version of their mobile VoIP application for iPhone on their blog. This mobile app lets you connect to your fring, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, and other IM friends and chat with them using your internet connection or make free calls over WiFi.

It had been available to a number of Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets for a while already, but their app for iPhone is long-awaited and brand new.

fring is free to download and use, and you can find the installation instructions for iPhone on the official page. All you need is an opened iPhone with WiFi access.

Here are some screenshots of fring in action:

fring on iPhone

Even better, you can watch a demonstration on YouTube where IM message is sent and a Skype voice call is made between a Nokia phone and an iPhone using the internet connection:

Their blog already has a number of comments from excited users, so it looks like it’s going to be quite popular among iPhone owners; no wonder, as this is the first free VoIP app for this handset.

Note that this is still a beta version; a full-featured one will be released after getting feedback from the users and fixing bugs as well as making the necessary modifications.

Via: fring

Author: Andrius

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  • metabaron

    This is not the first voip application for iPhone, already released one long time ago…

  • va

    2meta – “touchmod” provides some (…) app for iTouch NOT for IPhone
    please re-read the name of the site