OpenMoko’s Neo FreeRunner priced at $399

According to OpenMoko’s list, the long-awaited, Linux-based open source smartphone will cost just $399; a very nice price, which is further reduced to $369 if you buy a bundle of ten of these handsets.

The new Neo FreeRunner is a refreshed and improved model; as compared to OpenMoko’s first phone, the Neo1973, it will have a more powerful, 400 Mhz processor, built-in 3D graphics hardware, and two 3D accelerometers for motion sensing – while retaining the best features of it’s predecessor, such as the 480×640 touchscreen, 128 MB of RAM and internal GPS. If you are interested in the precise hardware specs, you should find OpenMoko’s Wiki rather useful.

The company achieved this relatively low price by removing the unnecessary, luxury bits and scrapping the idea of basic and advanced versions like Neo1973 had. FreeRunner will only come in one package, and you will be able to get the debug board for an additional $99 if you want to.

Here’s a picture of this new device from PhoneMag:

OpenMoko Freerunner

True to the name of open phone, OpenMoko not only uses open source software, but also releases CAD files for all their handsets under a ShareAlike Creative Commons license – you can download these from their official site.

The announcement on the OpenMoko’s list also said that the Freerunner’s distribution will be explained over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Via: PhoneMag, OpenMoko

Author: Andrius

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