Prison Break on Your Mobile

Fans of Prison Break are in luck because the mobile game based on this popular TV series that Vivendi Games Mobile had announced now has a set release date: it’s scheduled to come out in June. The guys at PocketGamer even got some exclusive screenshots and information about the gameplay.

It’s going to be an action/puzzle game apparently, based on the first season of the series, and you get to control the main character, Michael Scofield.

You also will be able to interact with 10 other characters from Prison Break, such as Lincoln, Sucre, and Abruzzi. The game will involve influencing people, finding and combining various objects, and solving puzzles in order to achieve your goal to escape with your brother. According to Vivendi Mobile, the game will have 36 maps in 12 different environments.

Here are the screenshots from PocketGamer:

Prison Break

Adapting TV series or movies into games is a popular trend, even in mobile gaming, which is not nearly as big as console or PC gaming. There’s a reason: everyone loves to take control of their favorite character and participate in the adventure. Knowing how incredibly popular the Prison Break series are, this game will likely be a big success as well.


Author: Andrius

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