Watch of the Future: Windows Mobile Wrist Watch

Windows Mobile’s first wrist watch phone is soon to be released.

The watch offers an extensive list of features including Windows CE 5.0, 1.45-inch screen, GPRS, network camera and/or 1.3-megapixel digital camera, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, up to 1 gigabyte of T-flash memory and it also supports Skype, MSN and other applications.

You also receive a few accessories with your purchase of this wrist watch phone, including two batteries, battery charger, Bluetooth headset, memory card, connectivity-data cable, earphone, and 1 year parts/90 days labor warranty.

Windows Mobile Wrist Watch Phone

This is the wrist watch of the future, and “Tentative Specifications” have been mentioned regarding the device, which means that even more may be added to the device before its release on April 25 for a price of $629.95.

Via: Crunch Gear

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Robert Thomas

    This is the watch of the future as in a sleek watchcase it is loaded with all the functions of a phone. I too saw some unique one at Fossil.

  • curtis scott

    can u make the headphone jack versetile enough to use headset of public choise?

  • curtis scott

    can u make the headphone jack versetile enough to use headset of public choise?

  • ailike

    This slim stylish GSM Tri-Band WRIST WATCH PHONE is the latest Must-have gadget! It will become the next revolution after iPhone. This phone will support any GSM network that operates on one or more of the three bands (900/1800/1900Mhz) covered by the phone. T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido and AT&T/Cingular (NOT 850MHZ) are among the major cell phone networks in North America that will work with this phone. Without headache of unlocking, just insert your Simcard into this watch and you are ready to call ! The slim watch mobile phone comes with amazing diverse functions that are only available in high-end smart phones including Tri-band support, MP3 Player, Bluetooth support, USB drive, Alarm, Speaker phone support, Calendar, Ringbones, and more! Just 165.99! Visit