ABI Research Says Mobile Browser Market to Grow to 1.5 Billion Units in 2013

ABI Research, a company committed to reinvestment in research infrastructure, just released a study which predicts that mobile browsers which can handle advanced client-side coding will keep growing over the next five years.

They recognize that the mobile browser market is undergoing significant change and that while mobile phones were once a simple means of Internet communication they are now evolving into a full-fledged Web experience.

They believe that the open-Internet browser segment for the mobile market will grow from 76 million in 2007 to nearly 700 million browsers delivered in 2013.

This is not without restriction however, as the ABI Research team understands and has made note of the fact that despite the best efforts, web usage on mobile devices still has a ways to go in order to catch up and close the gap with PC-based browsers.

Says research director Michael Wolf:

The move towards web-based applications means browser and web services engines will become increasingly important for mobile, whether these are in a commercial browser implementation or a customized widget. Ultimately, the long-term trend away from native applications to web-based applications means browser and web services engines will be increasingly important components in the mobile environment.

Mobile Browser

There are many reasons for why the market may not make it to the predicted number of units by the year 2013, including the fact that there is an absence of important plug-ins such as Flash on many handsets.

There are also many constraints that are put on phones when compared to PC-based browsers, most which must be amended before mobiles can close the gap.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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