Enkin mobile application for Android

Enkin is a mobile app created for Google’s Android OS, and also a participator of the first round of the Android Developer Challenge which will provide $10 million in awards to the best projects.

It is a really cool navigational application which makes use of GPS, motion sensors, 3D graphics and an online search for locations. Enkin has three distinct modes of usage.

The first one is your usual map mode, where you can choose between satellite and street views, look for locations with the built-in web search, and get driving directions from point A to point B.

The second mode is a 3D landscape with satellite view textures. All the features like location search and driving directions still work here as well. Panning the device adjusts your view, depending on the direction you’re facing.

The most interesting one is the live mode, which makes use of the built-in camera. Like the developers say, it allows you to link map with reality, showing names of the locations and distance to them on top of a live view – even if they are not directly visible.

Enkin’s user interface takes advantage of the orientation sensors; rotating the device will make your screen orientation change accordingly. You’re able to just stand and ‘look around’ with the device, and find the places you need to get to.

You can see how it all works in this demonstration from Enkin’s developers:

It looked somewhat slow in the presentation, but that might be due to the fact that they’re using Android emulator together with their own app they wrote to process the sensor data. This is just a first glimpse at what might become a big project.

Via: Enkin

Author: Andrius

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