Apple iPhone Launch in India

It is expected that the much-awaited launch of the Apple iPhone in India will take place this September.

This is a more significant release of the iPhone than usual because to date Indians have had to illegally buy, unlock and then use these devices if they want to take advantage of the technology.

The launch would mean that this would no longer be an issue as the iPhone would be made widely available throughout India.

The launch will be with telecom operator Vodafone, and hopes are high that this will all go through as planned, to offer Indians access to this desirable gadget as soon as possible.

One Apple source commented that:

The carrier deal for India is being worked out with Vodafone. Vodafone could also become the carrier for the Australian market once iPhone is launched there, though more than one carrier is likely for Australia.

Apple retail sources have also revealed that it will be the 8 GB version of the touchscreen iPhone which will be launched initially, with other models to follow up in the future.

Apple iPhone in India

The expected price is between Rs 27,200 to 28,000, but again this may change by the time it is actually released. We will be sure to keep you informed of any and all information on this.

Via: Business Standard

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • hrithik garg

    what is the price of new i-phone of appel in india???
    plz tell me…….///…………///

  • vikram


  • Unknown

    1 dollar equals 48.71 rupees do the math.

  • Unknown

    1 dollar equals 48.71 rupees do the math.