Automatic Screen Rotation for N95 8GB with new firmware

A new version of firmware (v20) has just come out for the Nokia’s N95 8GB version. Use the Nokia Software Updater application to update the firmware of your device.

It contains some bug fixes, a bit of software optimization, support for more Bluetooth headset models, and enables automatic screen switching from portrait to landscape modes and vice versa, making use of the built-in accelerometer.

People at AllAboutSymbian have already posted a few screenhots of the new ‘Rotate Screen’ option that this firmware adds:

ASR for N95 8GB

Now, if you have been using this device for a while, you might already have rotateMe installed – a freeware mobile application for S60 3rd edition phones (N82, N95 and N95 8GB) that basically enables the same automatic screen rotation that the v20 firmware does. Still, it’s nice to see Nokia add new functionality to their phones by means of firmware upgrade. Note however that this update is only for N95 8GB and not the other two phones that rotateMe supports.

Steve Litchfield at AllAboutSymbian also thinks that the new firmware adds the basics of UDP (User Data Preservation) on the phone, so that you would be able to upgrade the phone’s firmware without losing your settings, installed apps and other data. We’ll see when the next version arrives.

Via: AllAboutSymbian

Author: Andrius

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