BlackBerry 9100 could be on its way to Vodafone

The Boy Genius Report is reporting (what else?) that a new 9000-series device might be added to BlackBerry’s stable of smartphones soon. This speculation is based on the appearance of a few references to a “9100” moniker alongside other model numbers in the 9000-series, including the 8800, 8300, and BlackBerry 9000. We suspect that this would of course be a next-level handset, bringing in more features to the table than most of the recently released BlackBerry smartphones.

It’s also interesting to note that there is a reference to an “External Display” from where they found these details as well. Could this mean that there will be a clamshell BlackBerry for the very first time? Other references include a mention of a few carrier names (Vodafone, DoCoMo), and a hint that the BlackBerry 9000 could be launched as one AT&T or T-Mobile’s handset offerings in the future.

BlackBerry 9100

This further reinforces the earlier rumors of an upcoming BlackBerry 9100. And if this device ever comes to the surface, you can expect it to have the standard BlackBerry set of features like GPRS/UMTS and WiFi connectivity, and of course the PIM and pre-installed office apps that BlackBerry users have grown to love.

Watch out for more details here as they become available.

Author: David Gonzales

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