Jaxtr users allowed to send free SMS to 38 countries

Sometimes, even if it’s not really that hard to send an SMS message from my phone, I tend to avoid it because I can’t leave my PC. It’s not so much that I have to cut down on spending for texting, but just that I find switching from my PC to my mobile to be so time consuming that I have to consider not doing it. One thing that would be nice though, is a way to send SMS messages directly from my PC. And of course it would be the best if it’s free. Well, Jaxtr seems to have been reading my mind a bit lately, and joins the bucketload of online services in offering free SMS messages to phones directly via the Web.

Jaxtr now offers users the ability to send SMS messages directly to any cellphone not just in th US, but to 38 countries across the world. This would’ve been news in itself but the best part is that this new online service, like many others, is free. And you know on the Internet, where it’s free is where it’s at.


From Jaxtr co-founder and COO Touraj Parang: “You can SMS your friends and family abroad whether or not they are currently members of jaxtr. The moment you sign up for a free account at jaxtr.com, the world is literally at your fingertips.”

This is certainly a catchy new feature to offer your users. I would mind spending some time to save money on texting, plus I don’t have to leave my PC. Why didn’t they think of this sooner?

Via: Intomobile

Author: David Gonzales

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